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ESXi ramdisk full due to /var/log/hpHelper.log file size (2055924)

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When using HP Gen8 hardware, you experience these symptoms:
  • You are unable to power on a virtual machine.
  • In the /var/log/vobd.log file, you see the entry:

    Cannot extend visorfs file /var/log/hpHelper.log because its ramdisk (root) is full

  • The /var/log/hpHelper.log file size is increased.
  • Opening a console to a virtual machine fails.
  • You see the error:

    Unable to connect to the MKS: A general system error occurred: Internal error


To resolve this issue, HP Support has provided an updated hp-ams VIB to stop the excessive logging to the hpHelper.log file.

For more information, see HP Proliant Gen8 Servers - ESXi 5: The /var/log/hpHelper.log File Can Grow Very Large and Fill the ESXi 5 RAMDisk.

You can download ESXi offline bundles from HP Support. For more information, see the HP Support Center.

Note: The preceding links were correct as of June 3, 2014. If you find a link is broken, provide feedback and a VMware employee will update the link.

Alternatively, remove the hpHelper.log file. This prevents the ILO4 management agent reporting on VMkernel or operating system health.

Caution: Remove the hpHelper.log file only if it is not in use.

To remove the hpHelper.log file:
  1. Log in to the ESXi host as the root user.

  2. Stop the HP Helper management agent by running the command:

    /etc/init.d/ stop

  3. To remove the hpHelper.log file, run the command:

    rm /var/log/hpHelper.log

  4. To restart the HP Helper management agent, run this command (optional):

    /etc/init.d/ start

    Note: If the updated hp-ams VIB is not applied, restarting the HP Helper management agent may cause the symptoms to reappear.

  5. In the event of a host reboot, run the command:

    chkconfig off
This command prevents the hp-ams service from starting after a server reboot.

Alternatively, reboot the ESXi host to clear the log files.

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03/14/2014 - Update Product list with VMware ESXi 5.5.x 04/17/2014 - Added external HP link under Cause: Also, see HP Proliant Gen8 Servers - ESXi 5: The /var/log/hpHelper.log File Can Grow Very Large and Fill the ESXi 5 RAMDisk.

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