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Identifying Fibre Channel, iSCSI, and NFS storage issues on ESX/ESXi hosts (1003659)

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  • No targets from an array can be seen by:
    • All of the ESX/ESXi hosts
    • All of the ESX/ESXi hosts on a specific connection or LUN
    • One ESX/ESXi host
  • Targets on the storage array are visible, but one or more LUNs are not
  • LUN not visible
  • LUN cannot connect
  • Connectivity issues to the storage array
  • ESX/ESXi host initiators are not logging into the array
  • The share cannot be mounted by the ESX/ESXi host
  • The share is mounted, but nothing can be written to it
  • You see one or more of the following errors:
    • Unknown inaccessible
    • SCSI: 4506: Cannot find a path to device vmhbax:x:x in a good state
    • WARNING: LVM: 4844: vmhbaH:T:L:P detected as a snapshot device. Disallowing access to the LUN since resignaturing is turned off.
    • Date esx vmkernel: Time cpu3: 10340 SCSI: 5637: status SCSI LUN is in snapshot state, rstatus 0xc0de00 for vmhbax:x:x. residual R 999, CR 8-, ER3
    • Date esx vmkernel: Time cpu3: world ID SCSI 6624: Device vmhbax:x:x. is a deactivated snapshot


This article helps you identify problems related with the storage subsystem of ESX/ESXi.


Troubleshooting ESX host storage issues begins with identifying how far reaching (the scope) the problem is. In many cases, a detected problem may be misidentified until the scope has been ascertained.
To identify the scope of the problem:
  1. Verify that the storage device cannot be seen by any or a subset of the ESX cluster. If so, select the appropriate storage technology:

  2. Verify that no more than a single ESX host cannot see the shared storage. If so, select the appropriate storage technology:

  3. Verify that the LUN is presented and available. For more information, see Troubleshooting LUN connectivity issues (1003955)
  4. Verify that the ESX host cannot see the datastore:

Additional Information

Troubleshooting flow chart:


shared-storage  storage-connectivity  iscsi-connectivity  nfs-connectivity  fibre-channel-connectivity  lun-connectivity

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05/18/2012 - Updated for 5.x.

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