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"Timed out waiting 120000 seconds to connect to the fast suspend-resume destination" error when adding SCSI adapter or Network Card while VMs are powered on (2151686)

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  • Attempting to add SCSI Adapter or Network card to a powered on VM displays this error - Timed out waiting 120000 seconds to connect to the fast suspend-resume destination
  • Hot-add of scsi1 failed. 
  • The hot-plug operation failed.
  • The same action VM powered off shows no error.
  • In the vmware.log file, you will see entries similar to,

    2017-08-07T09:40:13.978Z| fsr| I125: Failed to connect to '/vmfs/volumes/vsan:52b2e1f279916cdf-ed0f21b7b659bf1e/09ef8159-216c-fafe-c65e-30e171709b24/VM-TEST-HORS-CLOUD.vmx' due to connection error 11: Could not execute “/bin/vmx”
    2017-08-07T09:40:18.356Z| vmx| I125: Devices: Migration failed.  Aborting hot-plug.
    2017-08-07T09:40:18.356Z| vmx| I125: HotPlug: Hot-add of scsi1 failed.


This error occurs when the file /etc/vmware/config contains a syntax error such as double curved quotes like these ones < “ .... ” >.

  • Bad syntax: vmx.fullpath = “/bin/vmx”
  • Good syntax: vmx.fullpath = "/bin/vmx"


To resolve the issue, change the double curved quotes < “ .... ” > with the double standard quotes < " .... ">.

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