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Intel i40e driver leading to PSOD containing "i40e_lan_xmit_frame" (2150987)

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ESXi might crash into a PSOD when Intel NIC with driver i40e is installed and the network is under heavy load, with a similar backtrace: 

2016-12-07T05:53:21.896Z cpu5:39171)0x4124240dd868:[0x41801ace7827]i40e_lan_xmit_frame@<None>#<None>+0x56b stack: 0x4124240dd800
2016-12-07T05:53:21.896Z cpu5:39171)0x4124240dd928:[0x41801aaf52ec]netdev_tx@com.vmware.driverAPI#9.2+0xf8 stack: 0x4109a855acc0
2016-12-07T05:53:21.896Z cpu5:39171)0x4124240dd9f8:[0x41801a58a7f4]UplinkDevTransmit@vmkernel#nover+0x418 stack: 0x4109ee462db0
2016-12-07T05:53:21.897Z cpu5:39171)0x4124240dda78:[0x41801acba89b]NetSchedFIFORunLocked@<None>#<None>+0x15f stack: 0x4124240ddbf8
2016-12-07T05:53:21.897Z cpu5:39171)0x4124240ddaa8:[0x41801acbab0b]NetSchedFIFORun@<None>#<None>+0xa3 stack: 0x4124240ddae8
2016-12-07T05:53:21.897Z cpu5:39171)0x4124240ddae8:[0x41801a62dd82]NetSchedDevQueueWdt@vmkernel#nover+0x5a stack: 0x0

 Note: This log excerpt is an example. Date, time, and environmental variables may vary depending on your environment.


This is a known issue affecting ESXi 5.5 or later.
This issue is resolved by driver version 1.4.26 and firmware version 5.0, available at VMware Downloads

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