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VMware Cloud Foundation Workload Domain deletion fails on DeleteNSXControllersTask sub-task (2150851)

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  • While deleting a VMware Cloud Foundation Workload Domain, the deletion workflow fails on the DeleteNSXControllersTask sub-task.
  • The ability to manage the NSX infrastructure via the vSphere Web Client may be impaired.
  • In the /home/vrack/vrm/logs/evosddc-debug.log file, you see entries similar to:

    2017-07-14 14:44:44.231 [pool-16-thread-9] ERROR [com.vmware.vrack.vrm.workflow.tasks.removal.DeleteNSXControllersTask]  Failed to delete NSX Controllers on NSX NsxEntity@d3d34033[softwareVersion=SoftwareVersionEntity@4f0d58c9[id=81c88786-bfe2-4818-ad0e-fe3edc296969], id=70926eab-ba30-443f-9bb8-851682c9efb1, clusterRef=ClusterEntity@5b20e494[id=e18daf73-b606-4c55-b86e-cf21b4c5c893]] for cluster ClusterEntity@d5ceae40[id=e176e419-07ad-4fae-9ecf-89adadda8c5a, vcenterRef=VCenterEntity@d61a2d87[id=1abc20e0-af33-4503-b681-dab1d51492d5], domainRef=DomainEntity@2f36f567[id=cbab5dec-3fe9-483e-9402-665d4f7686e8]]
    com.vmware.vrack.vrm.nsx.NsxException: Cannot get the NSX Controllers map

    Note: This log excerpt is an example. Date, time, and environmental variables may vary depending on your environment.


This issue can occur when the NSX Manager cannot effectively communicate with vCenter Server.


To resolve this issue, log in to the NSX Manager administrative UI and verify that the time is synchronized with the time on the vCenter Server appliance. Additionally, ensure that the status of the registered vCenter Server is Connected.

Note: If changes are made to the NSX Manager, you must reboot the NSX Manager before attempting to restart the failed Workload Domain deletion workflow.

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