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Creating a volume from an ISO image (ISO 9660 Joliet CD) in VIO fails (2150727)

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  • Creating a Volume panel from an ISO image (ISO 9660 Joliet CD) in VIO fails with the "Error" status.
  • When you run the openstack volume create --image UUID_image --size FILE_size FILE_name command followed by the OpenStack volume list, you see entries similar to:
| ID                                   | Display Name | Status    | Size | Attached to                   |
| image_UUID                           | iso_name     | error     |    1 |                               |


This is a known issue affecting VMware Integrated OpenStack 3.1.

To work around this issue:

  1. Convert the ISO image to vmdk format using the Qemu-img tool:
    1. Install the Qemu-img tool into a jumpbox.
    2. Run the command:

      qemu-img convert -O vmdk image.iso image.vmdk

      • -O vmdk is the output type
      • image.iso is the ISO image to convert to vmdk.
      • image.vmdk is the destination disk image filename

      For more information, see the Converting between image formats page.

      Note: You can also import ISO image directly as vmdk by running this command:

      glance image-create --name IMAGE-NAME --property vmware_disktype=preallocated --disk-format=vmdk --file=image.iso --container-format=bare

  2. Create the image directly from Horizon dashboard or by running this Openstack command:

    openstack image create --disk-format vmdk --file image.vmdk IMAGE-NAME

  3. Create a volume by clicking the Create volume option in Horizon dashboard or by running this OpenStack command:

    openstack volume create --image IMAGE_UUID --size SIZE VOLUME_NAME

  4. Start the instance directly by clicking the Volumes > Launch as Instance option in the Horizon dashboard or by running this OpenStack command:

    openstack server create --flavor FLAVOR --volume VOLUME_UUID INSTANCE_NAME

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