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vRA 7.3 manual installation fails on Web Component with certificate validation error (2150645)

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  • During a fresh, manual IaaS Web installation using the IaaS installer of vRA 7.3, you receive an error message similar to the below when clicking Next on the IaaS server custom install page with the website component selected:

    The installation options selected are not supported. Select different options.

  • The certificate has been validated to include all IaaS Web Component server's FQDN and the load balancer VIP address for the Web Component when applicable.
  • The validated certificate has been manually imported to the website component server's trusted store.


This issue is caused by the validation of the certificate occurring before all of the data is populated and the certificate is loaded with a null thumbprint.


To workaround this issue, execute the installation through the vRA Appliance CLI:
  1. Confirm the Management Agent is installed on the target server for the Web Component.
  2. Open an SSH connection to the vRA appliance.
  3. Retrieve the node ID of the machine where the Website Component will be installed by running this command:

    vra-command list-nodes

  4. Install the Web Component on the node by running this command:

    vra-command execute --node <node id> install-web --ValidationMode false --IaaSWebAddress <FQDN of target server> --SecurityPassphrase <set during initial vRA installation> --VidmAdminPassword <administrator@vsphere.local password> --ServiceUser <vRA's service username on the target server> --ServiceUserPassword <Password for vRA's service username on the target server> --VraAddress <FQDN of the vRA VA or associated VIP address> --VraWebCertificateThumbprint <Thumbprint from the certificate for the vRA component registry> --WebCertificate <Thumbprint from the certificate installed on the target server to set up binding> --SqlServer <FQDN of the IaaS DB server> --DatabaseName <Name of the IaaS DB> --UseWindowsAuthentication true --UseExistingDatabase true

    Note: The < and > symbols indicate variables that should be replaced by the values for your environment. The text found between the symbols are meant as helpers for you to determine what values to use.

    For full list of the options for this command please type vra-command help install-web in the command line.

    For more information on --SecurityPassphrase value, see IaaS Host section of the Installing and Upgrading vRealize Automation guide.

  5. Confirm that the command runs successfully and the Web Component is functioning.


vRealize Automation, High Availability, Web Component, SSL

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