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Log Insight Daemon startup failed: Failed to start Cassandra Server: Cassandra failed to start (2150603)

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  • Unable to start the LogInsight service.
  • In the /var/log/loginsight/runtime.log file, you see entries similar to:

    [2017-06-19 16:30:48.489+0000] ["main"/ INFO] [com.vmware.loginsight.daemon.LogInsightDaemon] [Failed to start Cassandra Server: Cassandra failed to start.]
    [2017-06-19 16:30:48.489+0000] ["main"/ INFO] [com.vmware.loginsight.daemon.LogInsightDaemon]
    [Exception during start cassandra database]
    [2017-06-19 16:30:48.489+0000] ["main"/ INFO] [com.vmware.loginsight.daemon.LogInsightDaemon] [Ended start cassandra database at 18396 ms after launch, took 11575 ms]
    [2017-06-19 16:30:48.490+0000] ["main"/ FATAL] [com.vmware.loginsight.daemon.LogInsightDaemon] [Error starting services]
    LogInsightDaemon$StartupFailedException: Daemon startup failed: Failed to start Cassandra Server: Cassandra failed to start..
    at com.vmware.loginsight.daemon.LogInsightDaemon.startService(
        at com.vmware.loginsight.daemon.LogInsightDaemon.lambda$startCassandraService$16(
        at com.vmware.loginsight.daemon.LogInsightDaemon.runAndTime(
        at com.vmware.loginsight.daemon.LogInsightDaemon.startCassandraService(
        at com.vmware.loginsight.daemon.LogInsightDaemon.main(
        Caused by: java.lang.Exception: Cassandra failed to start.
            at com.vmware.loginsight.daemon.LogInsightDaemon.startService(

  • In the /storage/var/loginsight/cassandra.log file, you see entries similar to:

    WARN  [main] 2017-06-19 16:30:47,765 - Cassandra server running in degraded mode. Is swap disabled? : false,  Address space adequate? : true,  nofile limit adequate? : true, nproc limit adequate? : true
    WARN  [main] 2017-06-19 16:30:47,772 - Directory /storage/core/loginsight/cidata/cassandra/commitlog doesn't exist
    ERROR [main] 2017-06-19 16:30:47,802 - Unable to verify sstable files on disk
    /storage/core/loginsight/cidata/cassandra/data/logdb/vimevent_context/la-80366-big-CompressionInfo.db: Input/output error

    : The preceding log excerpts are only examples. Date, time, and environmental variables may vary depending on your environment.

  • Running this command to list the files reported in /storage/var/loginsight/cassandra.log file, you see output similar to:

    /storage/core/loginsight/cidata/cassandra/data/logdb/vimevent_context # ls -lthr

    ls: cannot access la-80366-big-CompressionInfo.db: Input/output error
    ls: cannot access la-80366-big-Digest.adler32: Input/output error
    ls: cannot access la-80366-big-Statistics.db: Input/output error
    ls: cannot access la-80366-big-Summary.db: Input/output error
    ls: cannot access la-80366-big-Filter.db: Input/output error
    total 12K
    -????????? ? ?    ?       ?            ? la-80366-big-Summary.db
    -????????? ? ?    ?       ?            ? la-80366-big-Statistics.db
    -????????? ? ?    ?       ?            ? la-80366-big-Filter.db
    -????????? ? ?    ?       ?            ? la-80366-big-Digest.adler32
    -????????? ? ?    ?       ?            ? la-80366-big-CompressionInfo.db
    drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 4.0K Mar  6 22:26 backups
    -rw-r--r-- 1 root root   94 May 28 18:36 la-80366-big-TOC.txt
    -rw-r--r-- 1 root root   29 May 28 18:36 la-80366-big-Index.db

    Note: The corrupted files may vary for different environments.


This issue occurs due to file system corruption in vRealize Log Insight.


To resolve this issue, recreate the corrupted files/directoy in vRealize Log Insight.

  1. Determine which files/directory is corrupt from the  /storage/var/loginsight/cassandra.log file. 

    For example:

    In this case, the corruption is in the vimevent_context directory which is available at /storage/core/loginsight/cidata/cassandra/data/logdb/ folder.

  2. Move the vimevent_context from the location /storage/core/loginsight/cidata/cassandra/data/logdb to a new directory.

    Note: If you are not confident using mv command, use copy command to take the backup and then remove the desired directory.

    md /storage/core/loginsight/corrupted_files
    mv /storage/core/loginsight/cidata/cassandra/data/logdb/vimevent_context /storage/core/loginsight/corrupted_files

  3. Create a new directory with the same name vimevent_context in the location /storage/core/loginsight/cidata/cassandra/data/logdb.

    md /storage/core/loginsight/cidata/cassandra/data/logdb/vimevent_context

  4. Run this command to start the logInsight service:

    service logInsight start

    Note: This starts the cassandra service first and then the logInsight daemon.

To fix the File system corruption, perform these steps:

  1. Run this command to stop the vRealize Log Insight Service:

    service loginsight stop

  2. Run this command to see the mount files:


    Note: The output will show /dev/* and mount points.

  3. Run this command to unmount the /storage/core:

    umount /storage/core

  4. Run this command to check/repair the filesystem:

    /sbin/fsck device

    • Replace device with actual device name.
    • It may take hours for a bigger disk, plan the downtime accordingly.

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