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在大小受限的 SQL 数据库上安装 vCenter Server 6.5 失败 (2150443)

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免责声明:本文为 Installing vCenter Server 6.5 fails on a size restricted SQL database (2147918) 的翻译版本。尽管我们会不断努力为本文提供最佳翻译版本,但本地化的内容可能会过时。有关最新内容,请参见英文版本。

  • Microsoft SQL 数据库大小受限。
  • 安装失败,并出现以下错误:

    "VMware VirtualCenter failed firstboot.
    An error occurred while starting service 'vpxd'
    Please refer to vSphere documentation to troubleshoot or Please contact VMware Support."

  • %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\VMWare\vCenterServer\logs\vmware-vpx\vpxd.log 文件中,您会看到类似以下内容的条目:

    2016-11-17T14:41:09.200-05:00 error vpxd[06440] [Originator@6876 sub=Default] [VdbStatement::ResultValue:GetValue] Error to get value at pos: 6, ctype: -27 for SQL "SELECT File_Type, Drive, VCDB_Space_Mb, Physical_Name, Sql_Server_Edition, Sql_Server_Version, CASE WHEN CHARINDEX('Express Edition',CAST (Sql_Server_Edition as varchar)) >0 THEN (SELECT MIN(n) FROM (VALUES (10240 - VCDB_Space_Mb), (FreeSpaceInMB (DB_limit - VCDB_Space_Mb)) AS i(n) ) ELSE (SELECT MIN(n) FROM (VALUES (FreeSpaceInMB), (DB_limit - VCDB_Space_Mb)) AS i(n) ) END AS FreeSpaceInMB, CASE WHEN CHARINDEX('Express Edition',CAST (Sql_Server_Edition as varchar)) >0 THEN (SELECT MIN(n) FROM (VALUES (10240), (TotalSpaceInMB), (DB_limit)) AS i(n) ) ELSE (SELECT MIN(n) FROM (VALUES (TotalSpaceInMB), (DB_limit)) AS i(n) ) END AS TotalSpaceInMB FROM (SELECT DB_NAME(os.database_id) DBName, CASE mf.FILE_ID WHEN 1 THEN 'DATA' WHEN 2 THEN 'LOG' END File_Type, os.volume_mount_point AS Drive, CONVERT(INT, (mf.SIZE * 8) / 1024.0 ) AS VCDB_Space_Mb, mf.PHYSICAL_NAME Physical_Name, SERVERPROPERTY('edition') Sql_Server_Edition, SERVERPROPERTY('productversion') Sql_Server_Version, CONVERT(INT,((os.available_bytes)/1024.0)/1024.0) AS FreeSpaceInMB, CONVERT(INT,((os.total_bytes)/1024.0)/1024.0) AS TotalSpaceInMB, CASE WHEN mf.growth = 0 THEN CONVERT(INT, (mf.SIZE * 8) / 1024.0 ) ELSE CASE WHEN mf.max_SIZE not in (0,-1, 268435456) THEN CONVERT(INT, ((mf.max_SIZE * 8) / 1024.0)/1024.0 ) ELSE CONVERT(INT,((os.total_bytes)/1024.0)/1024.0) END END AS DB_limit FROM sys.master_files mf CROSS APPLY sys.dm_os_volume_stats(mf.database_id, mf.FILE_ID) os where os.DATABASE_ID = DB_ID() ) as realdata"
    2016-11-17T14:41:09.201-05:00 warning vpxd[06440] [Originator@6876 sub=OsLayer_win32] [VpxUnhandledException] Win32 Exception (3765269347) detected at 00007ffae4268a5c


此文章提供有关对 Microsoft SQL 数据库禁用大小限制的信息。


安装 vCenter Server 期间,会检查数据库上的可用空间。计算可用空间的逻辑错误会导致出现负值。这会在读取负值时进一步触发 vpxd 故障。


  1. 使用 SQL Management Studio 连接到数据库服务器。
  2. 右键单击 vCenter Server 数据库并单击属性
  3. 在“数据库属性”窗口中,单击文件
  4. 单击自动增长列中的展开按钮。
  5. 最大文件大小设置为未限制文件增长
  6. 对其余的数据库文件重复此步骤。
注意:对于日志文件,“未限制”选项将返回到受限制,且大小限制为 2,097,152 (2 TB)。这是预期行为,因为在 SQL Server 上日志文件限制为 2 TB。

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