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NVIDIA Tesla card shows Active Mode as Basic and Memory as 0.00 B in vSphere Web Client (2150436)

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  • After installing an NVIDIA M6, M10, or M60 graphics card in your ESXi host and loading the corresponding VIB, you are unable to assign VMs to the graphics card.
  • In the Host -> Configure -> Hardware -> Graphics -> Graphics Devices tab, the Configured Type might be set to Shared or Shared Direct, and yet Active Type will show Basic.  The Memory field will show 0.00 B.
  • From an SSH session, running the command cat /var/log/Xorg.log | grep -E "GPU|nv" will show no results.


To resolve this issue, Ensure that all cores have not accidentally been set to passthru mode. 

For more information, see Xorg fails to start when using pci-passthrough.

Ensure the correct NVIDIA vib has been loaded.  



This vib is for ESXi 5.5, and is for Kepler class cards, such as the K1 and K2.  Note that in 5.5, the vib will only be used to enable vSGA display.


This vib is for 6.0, also for Kepler cards, but this is the vGPU driver.  In  ESXi 6.0, there are two seperate VIBs, (depending on usage).  If the driver does not say "vGPU" in the name, then it is a vSGA driver.


This is the GPU Mode Switch driver.  It is a utility available on NVIDIA's Enterprise download site, which will allow you to switch Tesla cards between Compute and Graphics mode.  It cannot be loaded at the same time as the standard vib, and will only ever be used once, if at all, on your card.


This vib is for ESXi 6.5 and is for the Tesla cards, including M6, M10, and M60.  It will also support K1 and K2 cards. 

Note: vGPU is not present in the name, due to the drivers in 6.5 being dual function. 

To set vGPU or vSGA mode in the 6.5 Web Client:

  1. Go to Host -> Configure -> Hardware -> Graphics -> Host Graphics Tab.  
  2. Click Edit and change the Default graphics type. 

    For vSGA mode, select Shared.

    For vGPU mode, select Shared Direct.

  3. Restart the host or restart the xorg service after changing this parameter.

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