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Upgrading ESXi from 6.0 to 6.5 using custom image fails with the error: “Cannot execute upgrade script on host” (2150432)

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  • VMware vCenter Update Manager fails to upgrade the ESXi host

    • Cannot upgrade the ESXi host using the Cisco/Dell Custom image
    • Upgrading the ESXi host using the VMware image works as expected
    • Upgrading host through Cisco UCS manager works as expected

  • You see the error similar to:

    Cannot run upgrade script on host

  • In the vmware-vum-server-log4cpp.log file, you see entries similar to:

    [2017-03-01 01:29:28:027 'HU-Upgrader' 140179683641088 ERROR] [upgraderImpl, 438] Script execution failed on host:
    [2017-03-01 01:29:28:086 'AgentDeploy' 140179683641088 INFO] [agentDeploy, 172] Deploy agent, local installer = ./docroot/vci/vua/vua-uninst6/, localSig = ./docroot/vci/vua/vua-uninst6/vua-uninst.sig
    [2017-03-01 01:29:28:374 'NfcClientWrapper' 140179683641088 INFO] [nfcClientWrapper, 154] Copying file: local = ./docroot/vci/vua/vua-uninst6/, remote = /tmp/vmware-root/ha-agentmgr/upgrade
    [2017-03-01 01:29:28:480 'NfcClientWrapper' 140179683641088 INFO] [nfcClientWrapper, 154] Copying file: local = ./docroot/vci/vua/vua-uninst6/vua-uninst.sig, remote = /tmp/vmware-root/ha-agentmgr/upgrade.sig
    [2017-03-01 01:29:28:643 'AgentDeploy' 140179683641088 INFO] [agentDeploy, 246] Agent installed
    [2017-03-01 01:29:28:648 'SingleHostUpgradeRemediateTask.SingleHostUpgradeRemediateTask{1241}' 140179683641088 ERROR] [singleHostUpgradeRemediateTask, 320] Error running check scripts on host:, host Id: host-35, error: integrity.fault.HostUpgradeRunScriptFailure
    [2017-03-01 01:29:28:648 'MaintenanceModeGuard' 140179683641088 INFO] [singleHostUpgradeRemediateTask, 367] Host was already in maintenance mode, skipping exit

  • In the vua-xx.log file, you see entries similar to:

    2017-03-01T01:29:26.838Z info vua[FF910B70] [Originator@6876 sub=VUA] Command '/tmp/vuaScript-jmRwPW/ --ip=' finished with exit status 1
    --> stderr: --------
    --> ERROR:root:Verify image profile authenticity failed: ('VMW_bootbank_vmkplexer-vmkplexer_6.5.0-0.0.4564106', 'The VIB VMW_bootbank_vmkplexer-vmkplexer_6.5.0-0.0.4564
    106 does not contain a signature.')
    --> Traceback (most recent call last):
    --> File "/tmp/vuaScript-jmRwPW/", line 1145, in <module>
    --> sys.exit(main(sys.argv))
    --> File "/tmp/vuaScript-jmRwPW/", line 1141, in main
    --> prepareEsxiBootloader()

Note: The preceding log excerpts are only examples. Date, time, and environmental variables may vary depending on your environment.


This issue occurs because the i40en VIB does not factor the signature correctly into the ISO.


To resolve this issue:

Use the Image builder GUI in the vSphere 6.5 and remove the i40en driver from the custom image.

Note: You can use the powercli to build a custom image.

For more information, see Getting Started with the New Image Builder GUI in vSphere 6.5.

To work around this issue:
Upgrade the ESXi host through the CISCO UCS Manager.

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