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Unable to export or email reports in VCM (2150376)

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  • You are not able to get reports to export into the exported report directory.
  • When you select to have reports emailed using a defined SMTP server, reports are not received.
  • When configuring compliance alerts to email you once triggered, alerts are not received.


This issue occurs due to incorrect values of the IIS server in the VMware vRealize Configuration Manager (VCM) database configuration table. This causes the wrong server name to be passed during the action processing. In addition, you may have to set the default principal account to be used for these tasks.

Note: This may not affect a single tier installation. However, it may affect two and three tier VCM installation.


To resolve this issue:
  1. Open SQL Server Management Studio on the database server and connect to the VCM database instance with an account that has access to update tables such as, SA rights.
  2. Run this query to check the IIS values in the configuration table:

    Use [VCM]
    SELECT * from ecm_sysdat_configuration_values
    WHERE configuration_name like '%iis%'

  3. If you are using:

    HTTPS for the IIS server:

    • The IIS Server name in the database should NOT have :443
    • HTTPS should be specified for IIS HTTP configuration_name
    • Port 443 should be specified for the iis_http_port_binding

    HTTP for the IIS server:
    • The IIS Server name in the database should NOT have :80
    • HTTP should be specified for IIS HTTP configuration_name
    • Port 80 should be specified for the iis_http_port_binding

  4. Run this command to update the configuration table:

    Example 1:

    UPDATE ecm_sysdat_configuration_values
    SET configuration_value = IIS_SERVER_NAME
    WHERE configuration_name = "IIS Server"

    Example 2:

    UPDATE ecm_sysdat_configuration_values
    SET configuration_value = 443
    WHERE configuration_id = 1795

  5. Ensure that the default principle account is set properly in the VCM settings by navigating to:

    Administration > Settings > General Settings > Collector > Collector default principle (domain name\User Name).


    • This account is available under Administration > Network Authority > Available Accounts node and use the account which is from the same domain as the Collector.
    • This setting is used for most of the scheduled actions like exporting report and email alerts.

  6. Restart the VCM Collector service to pick up changes made
  7. Test exporting and emailing reports.

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