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"XXX Uninitialized" error and "Not Ready" status during the host preparation (2149433)

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  • The ESX hosts display the status as Not Ready

  • When you run this esxcli command, the host displays the correct version of NSX VIBs installed.
    esxcli software vib list | grep -E 'esx-vdpi|esx-vxlan|esx-vsip

  • Clicking on the resolve fails with the error similar to:
    Unable to access agent offline bundle at https://NSXIP/bin/vdn/vibs[...] Cause: XXX uninitialized.


This issue occurs if the EAM service on vCenter Server is unable to connect to NSX Manager to download the VIBs.


To resolve this issue:

  1. Ensure that connectivity is not blocked by a firewall or network issue, or DNS issue, or may have been caused by a temporary condition when the vCenter Server or EAM service was started.

  2. Ensure that the vCenter Server can connect to the NSX Manager on port 443 and access the exact URL specified in the error message.
    Note: If you cannot access the URL, resolve connectivity issues, check the DNS resolution matches if FQDN is shown, check routing, and check that firewalls between the vCenter server and NSX Manager all traffic on port 443/TCP).

  3. After the connectivity is resolved, click Resolve on the host preparation tab to re-download the VIBs from the NSX manager.
  4. Rescan the ESXi hosts and address any missing VIB requirements.

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