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FAQ: Critical information related to Emulex driver 11.2 or later for LightPulse and OneConnect adapter driver installations (2149303)

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This article provides the critical information about migration from Emulex driver 11.1 to 11.2 or later and higher Emulex LightPulse and OneConnect adapter drivers, firmware and applications software.


Beginning with software release 11.2, LightPulse and OneConnect requires a new detailed instructions for driver migration which are contained in the Emulex Software Kit Migration User Guide, available for download at Broadcom AvagoTech Support Download web page. For more information, see Emulex Software Kit Migration.

The Emulex Software Kit Migration User Guide includes special instructions and considerations for using the new independent drivers and related software for LightPulse and OneConnect adapters.

Special cases include those in which pre-11.2 (original) drivers and applications are replaced by the new 11.2 drivers and applications, and cases in which inbox drivers are replaced by 11.2 out-of-box drivers.


  • Detailed instructions for installing LightPulse kits are provided in the driver and applications user manuals for LightPulse adapters.
  • Detailed instructions for installing OneConnect kits are provided in the driver and applications user manuals for OneConnect adapters.

    The installation instructions in the manuals apply to fresh installations of the LightPulse or OneConnect drivers, in which the pre-11.2 drivers were never installed. Going forward, They also apply after the pre-11.2 drivers have been replaced by either LightPulse or OneConnect drivers.

If you have both LightPulse and OneConnect adapters in your system and you are upgrading to 11.2, you must install both kits before rebooting your system.

If you are downgrading from 11.2, you must first uninstall the 11.2 drivers and applications before rebooting your system.

Existing driver configurations are maintained during the upgrade to 11.2.

Inbox Drivers

  • Mixing ESXi host inbox drivers with out-of-box drivers is not a supported configuration. If inbox drivers are used, make sure to use inbox drivers for all protocols on all LightPulse and OneConnect adapters in the system.
  • Management applications will work with the inbox drivers.
Driver Versions Affected

All ESXi 5.5, 6.0 and 6.5 customers running Broadcom LightPulse and OneConnect driver versions prior to 11.2 are affected.

Firmware Versions Affected

A firmware update to version 11.2 is required for all OCe14000-series adapters, OCe11000-series adapters, and LPe16202/OCe15100 adapters (in NIC+FCoE mode) in the system for
UEFI boot code to operate properly.

Firmware can be obtained by navigating to Support Documents and Downloads:

Select > Product Group: Storage Adapters, Controllers, and ICs > Product Family: Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapters > OEM: Emulex or Other > Product Name: (leave blank) > Asset Type: Firmware.

LightPulse and OneConnect Application Management Software Versions Affected

Install LightPulse management applications from the LightPulse software kit to manage LightPulse adapters.

Install OneConnect management applications from the OneConnect software kit to manage OneConnect adapters.

Both sets of management applications can run on the same system at the same time.

Management applications prior to the 11.2 release cannot be run with the 11.2 LightPulse or OneConnect management tools on the same system. For instructions on reverting applications to a version earlier than 11.2, see Chapter 3 of the Broadcom Software Migration Users Guide, Reverting Drivers and Applications to Previous Versions.

Adapter Families Affected

LightPulse software kit supports the following adapters:

  • LPe12000 series (FC protocol)
  • LPe16202/OCe15100 adapters (FC or NIC+FCoE protocol, depending on the SFPs installed)
  • LPe16000 series (FC protocol)
  • LPe31000 series (FC protocol)
  • LPe32000 series (FC protocol)

OneConnect software kit supports the following adapters:

  • OCe14000 series (NIC, iSCSI, and FCoE protocols)
  • OCe11000 series (NIC, iSCSI, and FCoE protocols)


Reference the Broadcom Software Kit Migration User Guide available for download from the Broadcom AvagoTech Support Download web page for complete details and the impact of not following these prescribed steps to update pre-11.2 software kit to 11.2 and later software kit. For more information, see Emulex Software Kit Migration 

If you encounter issues, contact Broadcom Emulex Support at Emulex Fibre Channel Support.


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