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Adding new compute node fails on VIO (2149270)

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  • During deployment of VIO 3.0, the process fails with the error:

    "Failed to create the virtual machine for cluster alphanjMitaka3 while deploying" in VCSA web client 6.0.

  • In the OMS logs, you see entries similar to:

    [2017-02-28T21:52:51.612+0000] INFO SimpleAsyncTaskExecutor-9| com.vmware.openstack.service.impl.ClusteringService: ClusteringService, start to clone template.

    [2017-02-28T21:52:51.612+0000] INFO SimpleAsyncTaskExecutor-9| com.vmware.openstack.vmclone.service.impl.SimpleClusterCloneService: ClusterCloneService, start to create vms.

    [2017-02-28T21:52:51.613+0000] ERROR pool-4-thread-32| com.vmware.aurora.util.AuAssert: Assertion failure.

    com.vmware.aurora.util.AuAssert: Internal error: Assertion failure.


This issue occurs because Openstack-template VM is missing from the VMware Integrated Openstack vAPP which results in compute cluster deployment failure.


To resolve this issue:
If the Template is misplaced or removed from the vAPP:
  1. Search in the Web Client for openstack-template.
  2. Convert the template to virtual machine with default settings.
  3. Move/migrate the virtual machine to vAPP for VIO deployment.

    Note: Do not power on the virtual machine.
If the Template could not be found:
  1. Ensure to backup the Management Server because redeploying the VIP OVA template will delete the mgnt_server and all the management cluster.

    Viocli backup mgnt_server [-d NAME] NFS_VOLUME [-h] [-v]

    Note: NFS volume is in the remote_host:remote_dir format.

  2. Power off all the VMs that fall under control plane. That is, all VMs under VIO resource pool with controller, database, load balancer, and the vAPP.
  3. Redeploy the Openstack OVA template into Web Client.
  4. After deployment, restore the management server.

    viocli restore mgmt_server [-h] [-v] [-d [NAME]] DIR_NAME

    Where, DIR_NAME  is the directory name for storing the backup and NFS_VOLUME is same as step 1.

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