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ESXi 6.5 host fails with purple diagnostic screen when collecting diagnostic information (2148927)

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  • ESXi host fails with a purple diagnostic screen when collecting diagnostic information and the stack trace:

    2017-02-06T18:52:04.284Z cpu39:72196)@BlueScreen: #PF Exception 14 in world 72196:Default-drai IP 0x4180158f56de addr 0x4306a69c41c8
    2017-02-06T18:52:04.284Z cpu39:72196)Code start: 0x418015800000 VMK uptime: 0:00:53:55.612
    2017-02-06T18:52:04.285Z cpu39:72196)0x4391d021bf50:[0x4180158f56de]SPLockIRQWork@vmkernel#nover+0x26 stack: 0x4306a69c41c8
    2017-02-06T18:52:04.285Z cpu39:72196)0x4391d021bf70:[0x418015914b00]VMKStatsDrainWorldLoop@vmkernel#nover+0x90 stack: 0x6
    2017-02-06T18:52:04.286Z cpu39:72196)0x4391d021bfe0:[0x418015ac8bd5]CpuSched_StartWorld@vmkernel#nover+0x99 stack: 0x0
    2017-02-06T18:52:04.290Z cpu39:72196)base fs=0x0 gs=0x418049c00000 Kgs=0x0
    2017-02-06T18:52:04.290Z cpu39:72196)vmkernel             0x0 .data 0x0 .bss 0x0

    Note: This log excerpt is an example. Date, time, and environmental variables may vary depending on your environment.


This issue occurs due to a race condition when running vm-support. This is more likely to occur when gathering performance snapshots with the diagnostic information.


This issue is resolved in ESXi 6.5 U1, available at VMware Downloads.

To work around this issue, collect the performance snapshot separately by running esxtop in batch mode. For more information, see Exporting esxtop performance data as a CSV file and manipulating it from the command-line (1004953).

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7/27/2017-Updated 6.5 U1 download link in Resolution

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