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UEFI Secure Boot with vSphere Auto Deploy (2148532)

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Secure Boot is part of the UEFI firmware standard. With Secure Boot enabled, a machine refuses to load any UEFI driver or app unless the operating system boot loader is cryptographically signed. Starting with vSphere 6.5, ESXi supports Secure Boot if it is enabled in the hardware.


UEFI Secure Boot Overview
ESXi version 6.5 and later supports UEFI Secure Boot at each level of the boot stack. For more information, see the UEFI Secure Boot for ESXi Hosts section in the vSphere 6.5 Security Guide.
To use Secure Boot without Auto Deploy, it is sufficient to have either the UEFI-CA certificate or VMware's certificate enrolled in the UEFI firmware's whitelist (db variable), or both. Most machines have the UEFI-CA certificate preloaded in the default db by the hardware vendor.
Using Secure Boot with vSphere Auto Deploy
To use UEFI Secure Boot with vSphere Auto Deploy, you have to:
  1. Enroll the VMware certificate in the UEFI firmware white list (db variable).
    1. Download the VMware certificate attached to this KB article as

      Note: VMware recommends using the following SignatureOwner GUID for our key certificates: a3d5e95b-0a8f-4753-8735-445afb708f62.

    2. Enroll the VMware certificate in UEFI firmware.
      The procedure to manually enroll VMware certificates into the UEFI firmware's whitelist (db variable) depends on the machine's hardware vendor. Look for documentation from your hardware vendor on how to do the enrollment.
      For example, you can find the procedure for Dell hardware in Defining a Secure Boot Policy.
  2. Use the VMware official key snponly64.efi.vmw-hardwired.officialkey.
 Note: Ensure to follow Auto Deploy Best Practices in the vSphere Installation and Setup Guide.

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