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FAQ: vCenter High Availability (2148003)

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This article provides information on some of the frequently asked questions about vCenter High Availability (VCHA). vCenter HA protects the vCenter Server Appliance against host and hardware failures.  The active-passive architecture allows to reduce significant downtime when patching the vCenter Server Appliance.  

For more information see the vCenter High Availability section of the vSphere Availability guide


Can vCenter HA nodes be deployed across datacenters?  

Yes. However, network latency between the Active, Passive, and Witness nodes must have less than 10 milliseconds.

Can the Passive Nodes Management Address be Changed?

Yes.  This can be accomplished in both a basic and advanced deployment of VCHA. For more details see step 6 of the Start the Advanced Configuration Process section of the vSphere Availability guide or step 7 of the Configure vCenter HA With the Basic Option section of the vSphere Availability guide.

Can SSH be disabled after the initial deployment of VCHA?

Yes. SSH is only required during the initial deployment.  Afterword, SSH can be disabled on the Primary, Secondary, and Witness nodes.

ESXi hosts disconnect on vCenter HA failover if your Active and Passive nodes have different management IP's.

Ensure that the vCenter Server managed address setting is not set to an IP address. To verify the vCenter Server managed address follow the steps below:
  1. Log into the vSphere Web Client.
  2. Select the Hosts and Clusters view.
  3. Select the vCenter Server in the left hand pane.
  4. Select the Configure tab.
  5. Expand Runtime settings.
  6. Ensure the vCenter Server managed address is not set to an IP address.
Do I need more than one vCenter Server license to use VCHA?

No. Only a single vCenter Server license is required to use VCHA.

Are snapshots, cloning, and Fault Tolerance supported on VCHA nodes?

No.  It is currently not supported to use these operations on any of the VCHA nodes.

Note: Image Level backups of a VCHA node is supported.

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