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Enabling read-only administrator role in App Volumes 2.12 (2147984)

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This article provides steps to enable read-only administrator role for VMware App Volumes 2.12. (Tech Preview feature)


A read-only administrator role can be added only by an existing administrator who has complete access to the App Volumes Manager functionality.

As an administrator, you can add a read-only account to a group of users that belong to a particular domain.

For example, if you have created a domain, you can create a read-only account belonging to the domain

Note: By default, the read-only role environment variable is disabled with its value set to 0.

A read-only administrator can only log in to App Volumes Manager and view the App Volumes configuration details but cannot make any modifications. Specifically, a read-only administrator cannot perform these functions:

  •  Make configuration changes to the App Volumes Manager
  •  Create or import AppStacks
  •  Make storage configuration changes
  •  Add or remove Active Directory domains
  •  Add or remove Machine Managers
  •  Create, import, or update writable volumes
To create an administrator with a read-only role:
  1. Log in as administrator to the machine where the App Volumes Manager is installed.
  2. Set the environment variable AVM_ENABLE_READ_ONLY_ROLE to 1.
  3. In App Volumes Manager, click Configuration > Roles. The Roles tab is visible only when the AVM_ENABLE_READ_ONLY_ROLE is set to 1.
  4. Select the type of role you want to add from the dropdown.
  5. Select Administrator to add an administrator with access to all the functions in the App Volumes Manager.

    Note: Select Read-Only to create an administrator with limited functionality.

  6. Search the domain for the administrator or group that you want to add. Select All to search in all domains or select a specific domain from the dropdown.
  7. Enter a string to search for the administrator in the configured Active Directory Groups. You can filter the search query by Contains, Begins, Ends, or Equals.
  8. (Optional) Check the Search all domains in the Active Directory forest box to search all domains in the entire Active Directory forest. A dropdown with a list of groups matching your search query is displayed.
  9. Select the Active Directory group from the list.
  10. Click Create.
Note: For any changes to take effect, restart the App Volumes Manager service after you make any change to the AVM_ENABLE_READ_ONLY_ROLE environment variable.
Note: This is a Tech Preview feature in App Volumes 2.12. The Tech Preview features and capabilities are not supported for production deployment, rather they are available as a preview of potential upcoming innovations to test in a lab or UAT environment. You can provide feedback to improve these features through VMware Communities.


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App Volumes Manager

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