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vCenter Server Database Health Alarm causes vCenter Server to shut down (2147618)

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This KB article describes the predefined vCenter Server Database Health Alarm, which operates at the vCenter Server level.

Every 15 minutes, vCenter Server checks how much free space a database has and triggers an alarm in accordance with preconfigured thresholds.
A warning is issued when the database is 80% full. vCenter Server shuts down when the database is 95% full. 

You can determine whether a shut down was caused by the lack of free space through one of the following methods:
  • Check the vpxd.log for any of the following errors: 

    • Shutting down vCenter Server as there is not enough free space for the Database (used: 95%; threshold: 95%). 
    • Insufficient free space for the Database (used: 96%; threshold: 95%).

  • Check if the state of the Database Health Alarm changed.


If vCenter Server shuts down because the Database Health Alarm reaches its critical threshold, you can do the following:

  • Increase the storage space for the database and restart the vCenter Server.
  • Delete unnecessary historical data from the database. 
If you do not want vCenter Server to shut down when the critical threshold is reached, you can disable the vCenter Server Database Health Alarm or  you can change its default action, which is the /bin/service-control --ignore --stop vmware-vpxd command.

If you want to restart vCenter Server without fixing the problem, you must override the startup check.  

If you restart vCenter Server without fixing the problem and without taking any other corrective action afterwards, the database might run out of space.

You can change the default settings for the Database Health Alarm through the Advanced Settings in vCenter Server:   
  1. In vSphere Web Client, navigate to vCenter Server.

  2. On the Configure tab, select Advanced Settings and click Edit.

  3. Use the Filter drop-down menu to find the configuration parameters that are related to the Database Health Alarm and set their new values. 

    Configuration parameter Description Default value Sets the percentage at which a warning is triggered. Changing this setting does not require you to restart vCenter Server. 80%  Sets the percentage at which an error is triggered, and an action takes place. Changing this setting does not require you to restart vCenter Server. 95%   Turns off the startup checking for free space.  false Defines the interval at which vCenter Server checks a database for available space. 15 minutes
  4.  If you cannot find a configuration parameter, you must add it to the list: 

    1. In the Edit Advanced vCenter Server Settings dialog box, enter the name of the configuration parameter in the Name text box.
    2. In the Value text box, set the value for the configuration parameter and click Add.  

  5. Click OK.

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