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VMware UEM FlexEngine Advanced Settings (ADMX template) (2145286)

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VMware User Environment Manager has some advanced settings and fixes which are required in specific scenarios.

This article provides the list of VMware User Environment Manager advanced settings.
These settings can be configured with the VMware UEM FlexEngine Advanced Settings.ADMX template that is provided as a download in this Knowledge Base article.


This table lists the VMware User Environment Manager advanced settings with description.
Note: Do not enable any of these settings unless you need this specific functionality.
VMware User Environment Manager advanced settings Description
Enable verbose logging for ADMX-based settings, application blocking, Horizon Smart Policies and Privilege Elevation
Enabling this setting will create an additional log file in the same location as the FlexEngine log file. This additional log file will contain debug logging information for the UEM features 'ADMX-based Settings', 'Application Blocking', 'Horizon Smart Policies' and 'Privilege Elevation'.
Allow processing ADMX-based settings, Application Blocking, Horizon Smart Policies and Privilege Elevation configuration during a session. Note: Changing the default behavior has a security impact, as it allows users to circumvent restrictions.

Enabling this setting allows UEM to revert ADMX-based settings, application blocking, and Horizon Smart Policies and Privilege Elevation configuration if a UEM export is triggered during a session. By default, UEM reverts these settings only during logoff to prevent security issues.
Symantec Endpoint Protection DirectFlex export fix Enable this setting if DirectFlex exports are not being performed on clients where Symantec Endpoint Protection is running.
Disable DirectFlex  This settings disables the DirectFlex. This setting can be used to migrate VMware Persona Management to VMware User Environment Manager. For more information see, Migrate VMware Persona Management to VMware User Environment Manager (2118056).

There are two options for this setting:
  • Disable DirectFlex: imports and exports for DirectFlex-enabled applications are not performed.
  • Disable DirectFlex and process DirectFlex config files during logon and logoff: imports and exports for DirectFlex-enabled applications are performed during logon and logoff, respectively.
Pre-execution Command Enable this setting to run a custom command before the FlexEngine Group Policy client-side extension performs a path-based import.
Printer mapping Enabling this setting performs the specified number of retries when mapping and unmapping network printers. Ensure to map printers asynchronously to minimize the impact on login times.
Remove local profile at logoff Enable this setting to let Windows remove a local profile at logoff.

Note: All settings and user data stored in the user profile will be deleted.
DirectFlex compatibility fix for BeyondTrust and Avecto In some scenarios, enabling DirectFlex could stop the privilege elevation functionality with certain versions of BeyondTrust PowerBroker and Avecto Privilege Management. Enable this setting to solves the issue.
Special Drive Mapping Logic Enable this setting to activate a special drive mapping logic that can solve drive mapping issues in certain scenarios.

For example:

When users are local administrator and User Account Control (UAC) is enabled. In this case, a user has a split security token and drive mappings do not show up in Explorer. Enabling this setting solves this issue.

Note: On Windows 8 and later, this logic may not work for administrators with a split token.
Disable UEM action types Enabling this setting allows you to disable specific UEM action types, either completely or just during login. 
Environment variable prefix Enable this setting to configure another prefix than 'UEM' for the %UEMSessionID%, %UEMConfigShare% and %UEMScripts% environment variables.
Validate .REG file
Enabling this setting logs additional diagnostic information when importing of .REG file fails.

Compatibility fix for Sophos EndPoint Protection

Certain versions of Sophos Endpoint Protection can affect UEM functionality. Enable this setting to solve the issue.

Compatibility fix for VMware Horizon smartcard redirection

Certain UEM functionality can prevent the smartcard redirection feature of VMware Horizon Agent 7.1 or newer from functioning correctly. Enable this setting to solve the issue.


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