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Identity Provider (IDP) connectors are missing in vRealize Automation (2145268)

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When VMware vRealize Automation is configured in High Availability mode, you experience these symptoms:
  • Few Identity Provider (IDP) connectors are missing
  • Navigating to Administration > Directories Management > Connectors page, you see this message:

    There are missing connectors for some of the non-primary VA nodes.


This issue occurs when the connector on the non-primary VA node is misconfigured during the initial Join Cluster operation.


This issue is resolved in vRealize Automation 7.1, available at VMware Downloads.

To work around this issue if you do not want to upgrade, complete the following steps:


  • Check the following prerequisites on the VA nodes that you cannot see in the Connectors page:

    •  In /usr/local/horizon/conf/states there should be directories for the tenants in the vRA/vIDM. At least VSPHERE.LOCAL directory, that contain subdirectory with 4-digits number (for example, 3001, 3502) should be present, that contains file config-state.json. The correct files should be similar to:


      • The folder numbers should be the same between appliances.
      • If this is the case or if the folder numbers are different between appliances then this workaround should not be applied.
      • If there are different directories/files or no files at all then this workaround can be applied.

  •  If these files are missing or empty then this workaround should not be applied:

    •  /usr/local/horizon/conf/flags/sysconfig.mac_address
    •  /usr/local/horizon/conf/flags/sysconfig.hostname

      Note: On working environment those files should not be empty.
  1. Log in to shell using console or SSH session.
  2. Stop vIDM and the services that depend on it by running the command:

    /usr/sbin/vcac-vami service-manage stop vco-server vcac-server horizon-workspace

  3. Create a temporary directory by running this command:

    mkdir /root/tmp-bck

  4. Backup the existing files and directories to temporary directory by running these commands: 

    mv /usr/local/horizon/conf/flags/sysconfig.mac_address /root/tmp-bck 
    mv /usr/local/horizon/conf/flags/sysconfig.hostname /root/tmp-bck
    mv /usr/local/horizon/conf/states/* /root/tmp-bck

  5. Perform Join Cluster operation from the Management Console Cluster page.
  6. Verify the connector status:
  • Files in / usr/local/horizon/conf/states directory are present.
  • The connector is shown in the Connectors page.
  • Try to use the new connector for login (disable it from the load-balancer) or sync.
Note: If required, repeat for the other VA nodes that are not present in the Connectors page.

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