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VMware Fusion 10.x sales, licensing and compatibility FAQs (2126715)

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This article provides information on frequently asked questions regarding sales, licensing and the compatibility of VMware Fusion 10.x.


General FAQs

How much does VMware Fusion 10.x cost?

VMware Fusion 10.x is available in two editions:
  • VMware Fusion 10
  • VMware Fusion 10 Pro
VMware Fusion 8 Standard is priced at $79.99 USD, whereas the VMware Fusion 8 Pro costs $199.99 USD. The Fusion 8 Standard edition upgrade or version upgrade is priced at $49.99 USD, whereas the VMware Fusion 8 Pro edition upgrade or version upgrade is priced at $119.99 USD.
What are the system requirements for Fusion 10.x?
For more information on the system requirements, see System requirements for VMware Fusion (2005196).
VMware Fusion 10.x Academic Cost?
Students can purchase software from the VMware Store.
I have an older Fusion version, such as (7.x,8.x) and Parallels Desktop. Am I eligible to purchase an upgrade to Fusion 8.x?
The upgrade option for VMware Fusion 8 Pro is available for customers those who own earlier versions of Fusion (7.x, 8.x) or Parallels Desktop (version 9, 10 or 11). You can purchase a license upgrade from the VMware Online Store. The cost of the license upgrade to Fusion 10 Standard is $79.99 USD and to Fusion 10 Pro is $119.99 USD. For more information, see VMware store purchasing and order details (2006980).

Note: For more information on upgrading Parallels to VMware Fusion 10, see  VMware Fusion 8 Pro vs Parallels Desktop Enterprise.

Where can I download VMware Fusion 10.x?
 To download VMware Fusion, go to For more information, see Downloading and installing VMware Fusion (2014097) and Accessing VMware downloads (2006993).

Note: Physical boxes or copies for VMware Fusion are not available anymore.

I am using Mountain Lion and I clicked the download link to VMware Fusion, but I do not see the program downloading.
 If you are using Safari, click the Downloads button below the Google search box. The button has no label, but shows a downward pointing arrow inside a circle. This button shows you what is currently being downloaded and what has already been downloaded.

Can I install Fusion 10.x on more than one MAC?
Personal users require only one license to install on all Macs, but business or educational institutions require one license per Mac.

Licensing FAQ

Where is the license key that I just purchased?
You can view your license keys in My VMware. For more information, see How to view license keys in My VMware (2006831) .
The license key is also sent via an email after your purchase. Look for your Order Confirmation email. You can check your junk or spam folder.

Note: If your license key is not available in your order confirmation email, your order might still be processing. Wait for the follow-up email to confirm your license key. This email is usually sent within 24 hours from the time of purchase. The follow-up email contains a link to access your license key.

Where and how do I license my VMware Fusion 10.x product that I just purchased?
 To license your VMware Fusion 10.x software or to change your license type from evaluation to purchased:
  1. Open Fusion.
  2. Navigate to the VMware Fusion menu at the top left corner of your screen.
  3. Click Enter License/Get License.
How do I register my new VMware Fusion license key?
If you placed your order online, the license key is delivered to your My VMware account automatically and you require no registration.
For more information on registering a license key, see How to register a license key in My VMware (2011177).

Technology Guarantee Program (TGP) FAQs

What is the Technology Guarantee Program?
VMware provides a complimentary copy of VMware Fusion 10.x if you have purchased a copy of Fusion 8.5 from VMware Store or a VMware Reseller between Aug 22, 2017 and November 01, 2017.

How can I obtain my VMware Fusion 10 license key, if I am within the eligibility period?
  • If you have purchased VMware Fusion 8.x electronically from VMware or a VMware Reseller during this time period, you automatically receive a new VMware Fusion 10.x license key(s) via email by September 30th, 2015. Also, the license keys will be delivered to your My VMware account and you can find the keys in the new folder called Technology Guaranty Program and further action is not required to receive the upgrade.
  • If you have purchased a VMware Fusion 8.5 through an authorized VMware distributor during this period, you need to submit your license key(s) and proof of purchase online by November 30, 2017. Allow up to 30 days to receive your complimentary electronic upgrade to VMware Fusion 8.x. For more information about submitting all required documentations, see the VMware Fusion guide.

I have a subscription for my license of VMware Fusion 10.x. How do I get my free upgrade?
If you have an active Support contract, you are eligible to upgrade to Fusion 10.x. For more information on upgrading, see How to upgrade license keys in My VMware (2006974).

After receiving your new license keys, you can download the VMware Fusion 10.x software from the Fusion Download page.
Note: Upgrades are available in the license portal soon after VMware Fusion 10.x becomes Generally Available. 

How to continue using your product after receiving the new free upgraded license keys?
After receiving the new license key, ensure that you have installed the correct version of the product because Fusion 8 licenses are not supported on Fusion 7. For more information about activating the license on the product, see Licensing VMware Fusion (2014287).

How can I downgrade Fusion 10 License key?
 Fusion 10 can be downgraded.

The downgrade mapping for Fusion is now active in My VMware. The new mappings are:
  • Fusion 10 to Fusion 8
  • Fusion 10 Pro to Fusion 8 Pro
  • Fusion 8 to Fusion 7


I do not have a supported operating system. Can I get a refund?
There are no refunds for VMware Fusion purchases. We offer a 30-day trial of the software to evaluate the program and verify all functionality. For more information, see the VMware Store FAQs.

I accidentally placed an order twice. Can I get a refund?
No, there is no refund for Fusion 10.x. However, if you accidentally place an order twice, VMware can provide a refund.

Support/Support Options

What kind of support will I get when I purchase VMware Fusion 10.x?
VMware Fusion has 18 months of complimentary email support from the day your VMware Fusion 10 order is completed.

Customers those who have purchased 10 or more licenses of VMware Fusion 10.x Pro can buy Basic or Production Support at the time of purchasing the licenses.

Customer may also purchase Per Incident support.

Do I get telephone support for installation?
Telephone support is provided to customers using Fusion 10 Pro and have purchased Basic or Production Support with the product. You may purchase a Pay Per Incident telephone support request. After the support is purchased, you may file a Pay Per Incident support ticket. For more information, see How to purchase and file Pay Per Incident support for VMware products (2014035).

I have upgraded or installed VMware Fusion 10.x. Where can I find my previous virtual machine?
Your virtual machines are not affected by the installation of VMware Fusion 10.x. By default, virtual machines are saved at/Documents/Virtual Machine/ within your home folder in Mac. For more information, see Locating the virtual machine bundle in VMware Fusion (1007599).

My networking is no longer working after I installed VMware Fusion 10.x. What happened?
My printer is no longer working after I installed VMware Fusion 10.x. What happened?

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