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Backing up and restoring vCenter Server 6.0 external deployment models (2110294)

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This article provides methods to back up and restore vCenter Server 6.0 external deployment models.


For information on backing up and restoring a vCenter Server environment with external deployment models, see these sections in the vSphere Installation and Setup guide:

Additional Information

Data Consistency

This is a list of product and features that may change the data that needs to be consistent across Platform Services Controllers and vCenter Servers: 
  • vCloud Director
  • Site Recovery Manager
  • vCenter Server tagging
  • vCenter Server role management
  • Update or patch either the vCenter Server, or the external Platform Services Controller
  • Upgrade either the vCenter Server, or the external Platform Services Controller
  • Replace the certificate on either the vCenter Server, or the external Platform Services Controller

Changes to the configuration of the above products and use of the above features must be avoided during the backup process.

Reusing hostnames

If using a new hostname is not desirable, reference to the old external Platform Services Controller hostnames can be removed from an active Platform Services Controller. The operation involves the use of an undocumented utility that is installed in a Platform Services Controller. The syntax of the command is:

Note: This command must be run from these locations:

  • Windows installed vCenter Server: C:\Program Files\VMware\vCenter Server\vmdird
  • vCenter Server Appliance: /usr/lib/vmware-vmdir/bin

vdcleavefed -h <server name in FQDN> -u <administrator user name> [-w <administrator password>]

Warning: You must use the -h switch and provide a FQDN the Platform Services Controller you want to remove. Not doing so results in the server you are currently logged into to be removed from the Single Sign-On domain.

This is an example of using the tool to remove an external Platform Services Controller with an FQDN of psc003.domain.local with Administrator account with password of Passw0rd!:

vdcleavefed -h psc003.domain.local -u Administrator -w Passw0rd!

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