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Configure vSphere Fault Tolerance on virtual machines that Site Recovery Manager protects (2109813)

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Site Recovery Manager supports the recovery of uni-processor virtual machines that are configured for vSphere Fault Tolerance (FT). When you perform recovery, Site Recovery Manager starts the virtual machines on the recovery site with vSphere FT disabled. You must perform some manual steps to configure vSphere FT on the protected virtual machines.

Site Recovery Manager does not support the recovery of multi-processor virtual machines that are configured for vSphere FT.


To configure vSphere FT on protected virtual machines, perform the following steps.
  1. Power off the recovered virtual machine.
  2. In the VMs and Templates view of the vSphere Web Client, right-click the virtual machine and select Edit Settings.
  3. Click VM Options, expand Advanced, and click the Configuration Parameters Edit Configuration button.
  4. Set the replay.supported parameter to true.
  5. Click Add Row to add the following parameters, setting the value of each parameter to true.
    • replay.allowFT
    • replay.allowBTOnly
    • vm.useLegacyFt
  6. Click OK to save the changes, and click OK to exit the Edit Settings window.
  7. Right-click the virtual machine and select Fault Tolerance > Turn On Fault Tolerance.
  8. Power on the virtual machine.
  9. Right-click the virtual machine and select Fault Tolerance > Test Failover to test that vSphere FT is working.

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