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vSphere Replication upgrade to 5.5.1.x results in re-configuring of database from external to embedded (2084539)

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  • This issue only affects VR sites that use external databases.

  • When you upgrade vSphere Replication from:

    • (Build 1309877) to (Build 1879843)
    • (Build 1309877) to (Build 1618023)
    • (Build 1618023) to (Build 1879843)

    vSphere Replication loses the connection with its existing external database and switches to an embedded database that does not contain any existing entries.

  • After upgrading the vSphere Replication appliance, all replication information of virtual machines is removed from source ESXi hosts. This prevents existing replications from being used. However, replicated disks still exist on the Secondary (DR) site.
Note: Upgrades through the VAMI UI, vCenter Update Manager (VUM), and using .iso files are all affected.


This issue is resolved in vSphere Replication, available at VMware Downloads.

The available workarounds are:
  • Refrain from upgrading to 5.5.1.x if your existing environment uses an external database on 5.5.x.x.

    Note: If your environment uses an embedded database, you can safely upgrade to 5.5.1.x.

  • If you have already upgraded and all replications are unconfigured, you must perform ONE of these options:

    • Remove all seeded replication data and deploy a new VRMS server and create new replication from scratch.


    • Reconfigure all replication with an existing VRMS server using an external or embedded database and use the existing replicated data on the secondary side as the initial seed.

      This will get the replication in the correct state more quickly than the first option (recommended). Using seeded data in vSphere Replication is discussed in Replicating Virtual Machines Using Replication Seeds in the vSphere Documentation Center.

For more information, see Upgrading vSphere Replication in the VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager Documentation Center.


vSphere Replication appliances configured with an embedded database are not affected. Only vSphere Replication environments using external databases are affected.

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