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Remediation steps for critical updates to vRealize Automation 6.0.1 regarding CVE-2014-0160 Heartbleed vulnerability (2076869)

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vRealize Automation (formerly known as vCloud Automation Center) 6.0.1 requires an update to resolve a security issue found in older versions of the OpenSSL 1.0.1 library.


This article describes OpenSSL component security updates for vRealize Automation.

The patch should be applied immediately to fix the critical security vulnerability reported in CVE-2014-0160. Details on this vulnerability can be found in VMware Security Advisory VMSA-2014-0004.

This article applies to this release:
  • vRealize Automation (formerly known as vCloud Automation Center) 6.0.1


The update is available on the download page.

Update file details:

Product Name Version Patch File
vRealize Automation 6.0.1 vmware-vcac-openssl-update.tar.gz

Installation steps:
  1. Download the update file.
  2. Using Secure Copy (SCP), transfer the update file to the 6.0.1 Identity Appliance. For example, run the command:

    scp vmware-vcac-openssl-update.tar.gz root@appliance_host_name_or_IP_address

  3. Log in to the 6.0.1 Identity Appliance as root, using SSH.
  4. Navigate to the directory where the update file is saved.
  5. Expand the update file. For example:

    tar -zxvf patchdownload.tar.gz

  6. Navigate to the vmware-vcac-openssl-update directory.
  7. Run the upgrade script by entering the following command:


    When the upgrade is finished, the message Upgrade completed successfully appears.
  8. Login to the Identity Appliance as root user.
  9. Run the rpm -e vmware-certificate-client command to remove the RPM.

Additional Information

MD5 checksum values for the files in the update bundle:

Value File
8cf6af8fa3cb25967f16ba6be16fe9d2 vmware-directory-1.1.1-1748052.x86_64.rpm
3a0c88ecbe6d69adb929defb191e127c vmware-directory-client-1.1.0-1748052.x86_64.rpm
f69c1a3c9b46233a15bd35ddb59081a9 vmware-kdc-1.1.0-1748052.x86_64.rpm
d5cd86a8786db7058c103951cd9fcf3a vmware-certificate-server-0.1.1-1748061.x86_64.rpm
fb0a48ac9785abcd0776cdd67e54576b vmware-openssl-1.1.0-23861.vmw.x86_64.rpm
91248497bdb2dadf44a532f89596c106 vmware-afd-1.1.0-1748053.x86_64.rpm
1518c2ce5f63b1d375ad74141d133c17 vmware-identity-va-mgmt-1.1.0-1748066.x86_64.rpm
0f31459b6877da23dbaef2212e63dec5 vmware-certificate-client-0.1.0-1748061.x86_64.rpm
a80996a8361864646553fbe3b6f773fd vmware-lwis-6.1.1-0.x86_64.rpm

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