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Creating an isolated network in VMware vCloud Director reports the error: vdnscope-x does not exist (2065485)

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  • Cannot create an isolated network in VMware vCloud Director (vCD).
  • When creating an isolated network in VMware vCloud Director (vCD), you see the error:

    vdnscope-x does not exist

    Note: where x is the vdnscope ID.

  • The Organization vCD is using a VXLAN Backed network pool.
  • Using alternative network pools may work.


This issue occurs because the VXLAN vdnscope ID is changed when creating an isolated network. This may be due to unpreparing and preparing for VXLAN in vCloud Networking and Security.


To resolve this issue, determine the new vdnscope ID and update the vCloud Director database with this value.

To determine the new vdnscope ID:
  1. Log in to vCloud Director cell as the root user using SSH.
  2. Run this command and update the address to the affected vShield Manager:

    curl -k -u admin:default -X GET

    Note: Replace the values for admin:default with your username and password and change the IP address to reflect your environment.

    This produces an XML output which is a list of the vdnscope IDs.
  3. Locate the correct vdnscope IDs based on the cluster that it is attached to.
To update the vCloud Director database with new vdnscope ID:
  1. Stop the vCloud Director services.
  2. Open a connection to the vCloud Director database using SQL Management Studio or Oracle Developer.
  3. Run this SQL statement:

    select id, name, vdn_scope_id from network_pool where name = Name_VXLAN_Pool;

    Note: Note the name and the vdn_scope_id for the affected pool.

  4. Run this SQL statement to change the vdn_scope_id value for the affected network pool:

    update network_pool set vdn_scope_id = vdnscope_new where vdn_scope_id = vdnscope_old and name = Name_VXLAN_Pool;

    Note: Replace vdnscope_new and vdnscope_old with the new and old values. For example:

    update network_pool set vdn_scope_id = vdnscope-3 where vdn_scope_id = vdnscope-2 and name = Name_VXLAN_Pool;

  5. If you are connected to an Oracle database, you must run this command:


  6. Start the vCloud Director services on a single cell.
  7. Verify if isolated networks are created using the VXLAN pool.
  8. If isolated networks are created, start the cell services on the other cells.

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