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VMware vSAN datastore not listed as a matching datastore when creating a storage based policy (2065479)

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When creating a virtual machine storage based policy, you may experience one or more of these symptoms:
  • No matching vSAN (formerly known as Virtual SAN) datastores are listed in the matching resources page of the Storage Based Policy creation wizard.
  • You are unable to create the storage based policy.


This issue occurs due to inconsistent data between the Storage Management Service (SMS) and the Storage Based Policy Manager (SPBM).


This is a known issue affecting VMware vSAN 5.5.x.

Currently, there is no resolution.
To work around the issue:
  1. In the vSphere Web Client navigate to vCenter Server > Manage > Storage Providers.
  2. Perform these actions on each of the vSAN vSphere Storage APIs (VASA) providers:

    1. Synchronize all vSAN providers by clicking on the red circular arrows.
    2. Rescan the storage providers for new storage systems and capabilities by clicking on the icon to the immediate right of the circular red arrows.

  3. Create your new virtual machine storage based policy and select vSAN as the matching datastore.

Additional Information

For more information on Storage Providers and policy management, see Virtual SAN and Storage Policy-Based Management section in the VMware vSphere 5.5 Storage Guide.

For related information on vSAN:
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