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VMware vCenter Chargeback Manager Stats Migration Tool (2053665)

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The Stats Migration Tool enables you to partition an unpartitioned vCenter Chargeback Manager database performance stats table to a partitioned one without requiring an application upgrade. In earlier versions of vCenter Chargeback Manager, this option was available only as a part of the Chargeback installer.

If you had to upgrade vCenter Chargeback Manager from an earlier version to version 2.5 without opting for a partition, then you did not have the option to enable the partition at a later stage. You could partition the vCenter Chargeback Manager database only if you opted for an upgrade of Chargeback to version 2.5. The tool is useful when you upgrade vCenter Chargeback Manager from 2.0 or 2.1 version to vCenter Chargeback Manager version 2.5, provided the vCenter Chargeback Manager database is not yet partitioned.


Before starting the migration process, the Stats Migration Tool performs these checks:
  1. Whether the vCenter Chargeback Manager version is greater than or equal to 2 .5. If earlier, the migration process exits.
  2. If the vCenter Chargeback Manager performance stat table is already partitioned.
  3. Runs a clean-up script before starting a fresh migration process.

If the vCenter Chargeback Manager database is Oracle, you must perform these steps:

  1. Ensure that the Chargeback user has execute privileges on dbms_lock.
  2. Grant the dbms_lock privilege on sysdbaaccount by running the command:
grant execute on DBMS_LOCK to %CBM_DB_USER%

Where %C BM_DB_USER% is the name of the Chargeback Manager database user.

Note: This privilege is required temporarily to run the Stats Migration Tool. The privilege can be revoked after the tool runs.


To run the Stats Migration Tool:

  1. Go to the vCenter Chargeback Manager installation directory and create a Stats Migration Tool folder within the vCenter Chargeback Manager Tools folder.
  2. Copy the file, attached to this article, to the Stats Migration Tool folder.

    Chargeback Installation Directory\vCenter-CB-Tools\Stats-Migration
    Chargeback Installation Directory = Program Files\VMware\VMware vCenter Chargeback

  3. Extract files inside the same folder.
  4. Navigate to the bin folder and run migrate-stats.bat
  5. In the command prompt enter Y or y to start the Stats Migration process.

    On successful migration of the Chargeback vCenter Performance stat table, this information is displayed on the user's console.
    • Total time elapsed in xx hours: yy minutes :zz seconds format
    • The message:

      Migration is Sucessful
Note: If the migration process fails, the original Chargeback vCenter Performance stat table will remain in a safe state. The log files of the Stats Migration process are available at Stats-Migration\bin\statsmigration.log


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