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Cannot resize the vmdk files during replication which are protected by vSphere Replication (2052883)

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During replication, when increasing the size of a virtual machine disk files (.vmdk files) of a virtual machine that is protected by vSphere Replication, you see the error:

vSphere Replication does not support changing the length of a replicated disk


This issue occurs because vSphere replication prevents from resizing the .vmdk files during replication. 


Note: With any disk modification, there is always the chance of data loss, but it is minimal in this procedure.

To work around this issue, perform these steps:
  1. On the recovery site, rename the folder in which the virtual machine is replicated. This prevents the replicated data from removing when removing replication from the virtual machine.
  2. Disable replication of the virtual machine you want to resize.
  3. At the protected site, increase the size of the desired virtual machine disk file.
  4. At the recovery site, log in to an ESXi host that can access the datastore in which the virtual machine is replicated. For more information, see the Using ESXi Shell in ESXi 5.x (2004746)
  5. Run this command to change the directory to the datastore and folder in which the replicated disk is stored:

    cd /vmfs/volumes/virtual_machine_datastore/virtual_machine_folder/

  6. Run this command to increase the size of the replicated vmdk using vmkfstools:

    vmkfstools –X 50G virtual_machine.vmdk

    Note: The preceding command increases the size of a virtual disk to 50 GB.

  7. At the recovery site, restore the virtual machine folder to the original name.
  8. Reconfigure the replication for the virtual machine. Ensure to select the Specify datastore folder option to select the folder in which the replicated disk is stored.

    You can see a prompt that shows:

    A file with the name ‘[<datastore>] <folder>/<filename> already exists. Press Yes to use file as an initial copy.

    Click Yes to use the already replicated disk as a seed.

    Note: If you are using the Web Client, you must browse for the correct folder. For more information, see the VMware vSphere Replication Administration Guide.

Additional Information

For more information, see the Resize Virtual Machine Disk Files During Replication Using Replication Seeds section in the VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager 5.1 Documentation.

NoteIf vSphere replication is no longer running but the replication services are still running on the virtual machine, follow these steps:

  1. Run this command to get the virtual machine world ID:

    vim-cmd vmsvc/getallvms

  2. Run this command to disable replication services:

    vim-cmd hbrsvc/vmreplica.disable "vmid"

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