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VMware Horizon View Admin dashboard for vCenter Server 5.1 displays the message: VC service is not working properly (2050369)

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  • After upgrading to vCenter Server 5.1, in the VMware Horizon View Admin dashboard you see this message:

    VC service is not working properly

  • All other vCenter Server related functions fail, such as powering on and off VDI desktops, or recomposing, adding, or deleting linked clone desktops.
  • When you attempt to change or add (for new VDI environments) the vCenter Server user password or username using View Configuration > Servers > Virtual Center on the View Admin page, the attempt fails with the error:

    bad user name or password

  • In the vCenter Server logs, you see entries similar to:

    <YYYY-MM-DD>T<TIME> [04016 info '[SSO]' opID=6864E1D0-00000004-70] [UserDirectorySso] Authenticate(username, "not shown")
    <YYYY-MM-DD>T<TIME> [04016 error '[SSO]' opID=6864E1D0-00000004-70] [UserDirectorySso] AcquireToken <YYYY-MM-DD>T<TIME> [04016 error 'authvpxdUser' opID=6864E1D0-00000004-70] Failed to authenticate user <username>

    In the View Connection Broker logs, you see entries similar to:

    <YYYY-MM-DD>T<TIME> ERROR (0F14-1794) <VcCache poller c90aa96c-f15b-44e2-95fa-3afad22ebc17> [ServiceConnection25] Invalid VC login: 'Cannot complete login due to an incorrect user name or password.' Check username and password for VirtualCenter VcCache-c90aa96c-f15b-44e2-95fa-3afad22ebc17 at https://VC-machine-fqdn:443/sdk
    <YYYY-MM-DD>T<TIME> INFO  (0F14-1794) <VcCache poller c90aa96c-f15b-44e2-95fa-3afad22ebc17> [Audit] VC_OUTAGE:Url:
    <YYYY-MM-DD>T<TIME> WARN  (0F14-1794) <VcCache poller c90aa96c-f15b-44e2-95fa-3afad22ebc17> [ServiceConnection25] VirtualCenter https://VC-machine-fqdn:443/sdk is currently unavailable - attempting to reconnect
    <YYYY-MM-DD>T<TIME> ERROR (0F14-1794) <VcCache poller c90aa96c-f15b-44e2-95fa-3afad22ebc17> [ServiceConnection25] Exceeded  maximum number of VC reconnection attempts.
    <YYYY-MM-DD>T<TIME> ERROR (0F14-1794) <VcCache poller c90aa96c-f15b-44e2-95fa-3afad22ebc17> [ServiceConnection25] Unable to automatically reconnect to VC. It is possibly down.

  • Attempting to accept the vCenter Server certificate in the View Manager Administrator portal dashboard fails.
  • You see the error: 

    Vmware View Cannot connect to the vCenter Server{0} because the user name or password is not valid


To resolve this issue, add the View domain to the Single Sign-On (SSO) default domain list in the vSphere Web Client.

  • Both vCenter Single Sign-On and the Web Client services must be running on the vCenter Server machine.
  • vCenter Single Sign-On is a required program for vCenter Server. In addition, to run the Web Client service, Web Client program must also be installed on the vCenter Server machine.
  • VMware recommends that you run vCenter Server 5.1b (release 947939) or later to address any other possible issues.

To add the View domain to the vCenter Single Sign-On (SSO) default domain list:
  1. Log in to the vCenter Server using the vSphere Web Client:

    (https://FQDN_of_vCenter_Server:9443/vsphere-client) as an SSO administrator.

    Note: By default, the SSO administrator user is admin@system-domain and the password is set at the time of the Web Client install. To unlock or reset the vCenter SSO administrator password, see Unlocking and resetting the vCenter Single Sign-On administrator password (2034608).

  2. In the home page, click Administration > Configuration (under Sign-on and Discovery).
  3. On the right, click the line with the View domain.

    Note: If the View domain is not the same as the vCenter Server domain, add the View domain using the add icon on top of the page.

  4. Add the View domain to the default domain list using the icon on top of the page. After adding the View domain, it appears at the bottom of the list of default domains.
  5. Using the up arrow, move the View domain so that it is one above the system-domain entry.
  6. Click Save and log out of the page.
After completing these steps, the vCenter Server entry in the View Admin dashboard turns green and all vCenter Server related functions on the View Admin page return to normal, and the connection broker(s) are now able to communicate with the vCenter Server.

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05/23/2014 - Added Horizon View 5.3 to Product Versions. 01/19/2015 - Added VMware View 6.0.x to Product Versions.

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