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Uploading sdconf.rec file from RSA Authentication Manager 8.0 may fail in View Administrator due to invalid file size (2048335)

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Sdconf.rec files greater than 2048 bytes fail to upload from RSA Authentication Manager 8.0 to View 5.1 Administrator. View Administrator displays the error message, "Server Error", "Invalid file size of ???? bytes. The RSA Configuration file size must be between 512 and 2,048 bytes".
In a deployment with View 5.1 and RSA Authentication Manager 8.0 the upload of the sdconf.rec file failed because the file size exceeded 2048 bytes.

View Administrator validates that the size of the sdconf.rec file exported from the RSA Authentication Manager is between 512 and 2048 bytes. With RSA Authentication Manager 8.0, the sdconf.rec file size can exceed 2048 bytes.
This affects all versions of View Administrator including View Administrator 5.2.


Warning: Before you delete entries from either database, take a complete backup of the ADAM and Composer databases and disable provisioning for the pool in View Manager. For more information, see Performing an end-to-end backup and restore for VMware View Manager (1008046).
  1. Log in to the Connection Server operating system as an administrator. 
  2. Copy your sdconf.rec file onto a folder on the Connection Server.
  3. From a command prompt run "ldp" (Microsoft's LDAP browser/editor).
  4. From Connection > Connect, enter the server as and the port as 389.
  5. From Connection > Bind,  select the radio button Bind as currently logged on user.
  6. From View > Tree for BaseDN, click the down arrow at the end of the field and select dc=vdi,dc=vmware,dc=int
    In the left pane, click the + to expand the tree and double-click ou=Properties, then ou=Server, then the View Connection Server name.
    For example:  CN=CS1,OU=Server,OU=Properties,DC=vdi,DC=vmware,DC=int
  7. Right-click the Connection Server entry and click Modify.
  8. Upload your sdconf.rec file into LDAP:
    1. In Edit Entry, specify an attribute of pae-SecurIDConf.
    2. Set the Operation to Replace.
    3. Select Insert File and navigate to your sdconf.rec file and select it.
    4. Click Enter. You see the Entry list field being populated.
    5. Click Run to upload your sdconf.rec file into LDAP and distribute it to all Connection Servers. This automatically places it in the right file location for View.

  9. After the file is added, go back to View admin page and change 2-factor authentication to use the file that is now available.

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Update History

06/07/2013 - Added the comment about Entry list field in Solution step 8(d). 01/16/2014 - Added Horizon View 5.1.x, 5.2.x and 5.3.x to Product Versions.

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