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Calculating datastore selection for linked-clone desktops to avoid insufficient space errors in Horizon View (2047492)

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This article provides information on how to calculate datastore selection for linked-clone desktops in Horizon View 5.2 and later versions to avoid insufficient space issue.

Insufficient space issue

Starting with Horizon View 5.2 and later versions, when linked clones are provisioned, the View software checks that the total used space on a datastore does not exceed the storage overcommit level you selected for the datastore.

If the used space exceeds the total effective capacity on a datastore (which takes the actual free space and the storage overcommit level into account), the checks can generate insufficient space errors when linked clones are provisioned or rebalanced.

You might encounter this issue if you upgrade from an earlier View release to Horizon View 5.2 or later.

In earlier Horizon View releases, you might have provisioned a large number of linked clones on a datastore and set a conservative (or no) overcommit level on the datastore. When you upgrade to Horizon View 5.2 or later, because the low overcommit level is now checked, you might see "insufficient space" errors that you did not see before.

Note: When performing these checks, the Horizon View software also considers any other virtual machines or data files that are present on the datastore (in addition to the linked clones being provisioned).


To avoid these errors, you can calculate the maximum number of virtual machines that can be provisioned on a datastore with a specified overcommit level.
Use this formula:

Approximate max # of VMs = (total datastore capacity/parent VM size) * overcommit level

For the definitions of the overcommit levels, see this table: 

If a datastore has 100 GB capacity, you provision linked clones from a parent virtual machine that is 20 GB, and you select a Conservative overcommit level, the formula would be:
Approximate max # of VMs = (100/20) * 4

Approximate max # of VMs = 20
  • If you provision more than 20 linked clones on the datastore, the check will generate an insufficient space error.
  • If you increase the overcommit level to Moderate, you can provision up to approximately 35 linked clones. An Aggressive overcommit level will allow approximately 75 linked clones.

Additional Information

For more information about setting overcommit levels, see Set the Storage Overcommit Level for Linked-Clone Desktops and Storage Overcommit for Linked-Clone Desktops in the VMware Horizon View Administration documentation.
For more information on how Horizon View selects the datastores for linked clones, see Selecting datastores for linked clones in Horizon View 5.2 and later versions (2148446).
For issues related to datastore selection for linked clones, see:
For translated versions of this article, see:

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