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VMware Horizon Suite 1.0 licensing (2042975)

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This article provides guidelines about VMware Horizon Suite 1.0 user licensing. This suite includes the VMware Horizon View, VMware Horizon Mirage, and VMware Horizon Workspace bundles.


Licensing of users is according to which Horizon bundle or suite you purchase:

Bundle or Suite


Type of License

Horizon View

  • Horizon View
  • ThinApp
  • Workstation *
  • vSphere Desktop
  • vCenter Desktop

Concurrent User

Horizon Mirage

  • Horizon Mirage
  • ThinApp
  • Workstation *
  • Fusion Pro

Named User

Horizon Workspace

  • Horizon Workspace
  • ThinApp
  • Workstation *
  • Horizon Mobile for Android

Named User

Horizon Suite

All three smaller bundles:

  • Horizon View
  • Horizon Mirage
  • Horizon Workspace
Named User
Concurrent User **
* In all Horizon bundles and the suite, VMware Workstation is licensed for the creation of virtual machines for the ThinApp capture-and-build process. Workstation is not licensed for creating virtual machines for users. VMware Fusion Pro in the Horizon Mirage bundle is intended for the creation of virtual machines for users, and Horizon Mirage can manage those Fusion virtual machines.
** As of 4 June 2013, you can purchase the Horizon Suite with named-user or concurrent-user licenses. (Concurrent-user licenses are more expensive than named-user licenses.) The number of Horizon Suite concurrent-user licenses consumed is the number of unique logins on the system at one time. For Horizon Suite concurrent-user licensing, one user logged in to multiple devices at one time consumes one license.

Any product purchased with a bundle or suite inherits the license type of the bundle or suite. Thus, ThinApp purchased within the Horizon View bundle is licensed per concurrent user and ThinApp purchased within the Horizon Mirage bundle is licensed per named user.

Horizon View desktops purchased with Horizon Suite named-user licenses are licensed per named user, even though Horizon View desktops purchased with the Horizon View bundle are licensed per concurrent user. If Horizon View concurrent-user licenses were purchased previously outside of the Horizon Suite, then placed on Horizon Workspace, the Horizon View desktops remain licensed per concurrent user.

Additional Information

Some examples:

Q: I have previously purchased Horizon View desktops with concurrent-user licensing. If I upgrade these seats to the Horizon Suite, do I retain the concurrent-user licensing?

A: Only if you upgrade to Horizon Suite concurrent-user licenses. Horizon View seats upgraded to Horizon Suite named-user licenses will have named-user licenses for Horizon View. If you want Horizon Suite named-user licensing, but want to retain concurrent-user licenses for Horizon View desktops, keep your legacy Horizon View concurrent-user licenses or purchase more seats from the Horizon View bundle, which is licensed by concurrent user. You can use concurrent-user Horizon View desktops in Horizon Workspace with named-user licensing as long as you have purchased these seats with the Horizon View bundle.

Q: I have a call center with 5000 users, only 2000 of whom will be using Horizon View desktops at the same time because they work in shifts. These call center users best fit the concurrent-user licensing model for Horizon View. I also have 1000 mobile field representatives who need Horizon View desktops in the Horizon Workspace. These mobile workers move from device to device as they work in the office, from home, and at customer sites. These users fit the named-user licensing model for Horizon View. How many seats of which product do I need?

A: Purchase 2000 seats of the Horizon View bundle to get concurrent-user licenses for the 2000 call center users who will be simultaneously accessing their Horizon View desktops. Also purchase 1000 named-user seats of the Horizon Suite (to get Horizon Workspace and Horizon View) for the mobile named users.

Q: If I want Horizon Suite named-user licenses, and 3600 named users access Horizon View desktops, and 3600 named users access Mirage-managed physical desktops, do I need 3600 or 7200 Horizon Suite named-user licenses?

A: If they are the same named users, you need only 3600 Horizon Suite named-user licenses. Each named user can use any of the Suite products at once: Horizon Mirage, Horizon View, and Horizon Workspace. If, however, the 3600 Horizon View users are different named users from the 3600 Horizon Mirage users, you need 7200 Horizon Suite named-user licenses.

Q: When I purchase a particular number of Horizon Mirage licenses, how do I count the named-user licenses used?

A: Each named user who has access to a Mirage-managed endpoint consumes one license. One named user can have multiple Mirage-managed endpoints, and this named user still consumes only one license. The Workstation virtual machines that the administrator creates for ThinApp packaging are not counted as named-user licenses. Nor are the Fusion Pro base restricted virtual machines, which will be distributed to end users.

Q: If I am purchasing the Horizon Suite and have Horizon Mirage users, is named-user or concurrent-user licensing the best choice for the Horizon Suite?

A: Keep in mind that a Mirage-enabled endpoint is always on. The endpoint has a backup in the datacenter and will be continually backed up, even if the endpoint is currently off the network. Because of this, concurrent-user licensing for the Horizon Suite is not economical for Horizon Mirage users: named-user Horizon Suite licensing is less expensive. The benefit of named-user Horizon Suite licensing for Horizon Mirage users is that a named-user Horizon Suite license permits use of all of the Suite products at once: Mirage-enabled endpoints, Horizon View desktops, and Horizon Workspace. Concurrent-user Horizon Suite licensing allows a flexible and economical alternative for call center shift workers using Horizon View desktops and Horizon Workspace.

Q: Each of my Horizon View users accesses multiple desktops. Under concurrent-user licensing, how do I count concurrent users if each is accessing multiple desktops?

A: One concurrent user can access multiple Horizon View desktops at once, and only each concurrent user is counted for licensing. User access to multiple desktops does not increase the count for the one concurrent user.

Q: If a user accesses their Horizon View desktop through HTML5, is that counted as a concurrent user?

A: Yes, that is one concurrent user.

For information on ThinApp standalone licensing, see the Knowledge Base article VMware ThinApp licensing information.

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Update History

17 January 2013 - Clarified the licensing status of the data feature of Horizon Workspace (TdeB). 22 February 2013 - Minor edits (TdeB). 27 February 2013 - Added Examples section; minor other edits (TdeB). 1 April 2013 - Added Horizon Mirage licensing example. (TdeB) 10 April 2013: Added example for Horizon View concurrent-user licensing. Clarified vSphere Desktop and vCenter Desktop. (TdeB) 5 June 2013: Added note about Horizon Suite Concurrent User licensing added on 1 June. (TdeB) 31 July 2013: Added details about Horizon Suite concurrent licensing. Added more examples, updated prior examples. (TdeB) 5 November 2013: Added link to ThinApp licensing KB. [TdeB]

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