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Resizing virtual machine disk files that are protected by vSphere Replication (VR) using VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager (2042790)

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This article provides information on increasing the size of a VMDK protected by VMware vSphere Replication (VR) without doing a full synchronization.


To resize virtual machine disk files (vmdks) that are protected by vSphere Replication:
  1. Locate the directory or directories where the virtual machine is currently replicating to. Rename these directories using the datastore browser.

  2. Note and record the vSphere Replication configuration for the virtual machine (RPO settings, destination datastores, and so on).

  3. Stop replication for the virtual machine at the protected site using the vSphere Replication User Interface (UI).

  4. Re-size the virtual machine's disks on the protected virtual machine using the Edit Settings.

  5. Resize the virtual disk on the recovery site:
    1. SSH to an ESXi host that has access to the datastore on the recovery site containing the replicated disks.
    2. Change directory to the renamed directory where the vmdk files are stored.
    3. Increase the size of the disk with the vmkfstools command:

      vmkfstools -X size vmdk

      For example:

      vmkfstools -X 50G Test-VM.vmdk

  6. Once the vmdks have been resized on both sites, rename the folder from step #1 back to its original name using the datastore browser.

  7. Re-configure replication for the virtual machine, using the replication configuration you noted in step #2. You will need to select the datastore folder manually and you will be prompted to use the replicated disks as seeds.
    For more information, see Replicating Virtual Machines Using Replication Seeds section on page 52 of the vSphere Replication Admin Guide.
Note: If you are using Stand Alone vSphere Replication, see Resizing the virtual machine disk files (.vmdk files) during replication that are protected by vSphere replication fails with the error: vSphere Replication does not support changing the length of a replicated disk (2052883).

Additional Information

  • For more information, see the section titled Resize Virtual Machine Disk Files During Replication Without Using Replication Seeds in the VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager 5.1 Documentation Center.
  • You should only modify files on the DR site, other than increasing the virtual disk of the virtual machine you are trying to change.

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