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Creating a new desktop pool in View Manager fails with the error: Unknown View Composer Error (2039449)

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  • You cannot create a new desktop pool in View Manager.
  • Creating a desktop pool fails.
  • When you click Finish in the Add Pool wizard, you see this error in the View Administrator console:

    Unknown View composer error

    View Composer Fault: Unable to decrypt credentials for 
    component ActiveDirectory and configID
  • The View Connection Server debug log contains entries similar to:

    DEBUG (07D8-1528) <TP-Processor2> [FlexFaultHandler] Unknown View Composer Error com.vmware.vdi.admin.ui.common.FlexFaultHandler.a(SourceFile:283) AxisFault
    faultCode: {<URL>/}Client
    faultString: VMware.Sim.Fault.CryptoFault
    faultDetail:        {<URL>}CryptoFault:<ConfigID>2d9624dd-9983-4f9a-8c6c-5cd984865228</ConfigID><ExternalComponent>ActiveDirectory</ExternalComponent>
    ERROR (07D8-1528) <TP-Processor2> [FlexFaultHandler] Unknown View Composer Error
    DEBUG (07D8-1528) <TP-Processor2> [ViewFlexFactory] Unknown View Composer Error com.vmware.vdi.admin.ui.common.ViewFlexFactory$ViewProxy.invoke(SourceFile:121)
    com.vmware.vdi.admin.ui.common.FlexRemoteException: Unknown View Composer Error at com.vmware.vdi.admin.ui.common.FlexFaultHandler.a(SourceFile:285)

  • The View Composer log contains entries similar to:

    INFO  | CommonLib.Crypto.RSACrypto - Crypto exception occurred while decrypting.
    System.Security.Cryptography.CryptographicException: Error occurred while decoding OAEP padding.
    at System.Security.Cryptography.Utils._DecryptPKWin2KEnh(SafeKeyHandle hPubKey, Byte[] key, Boolean fOAEP, Int32& hr)
    at System.Security.Cryptography.RSACryptoServiceProvider.Decrypt(Byte[] rgb, Boolean fOAEP)
    at VMware.Sim.CommonLib.Crypto.RSACrypto.Decrypt(String encryptedMessage)
    FATAL | Sim.ServiceCore.SimServiceApiImpl - Error: fail to execute web service call: AddDeploymentGroup
    VMware.Sim.CommonLib.Exception.SimCryptoException: Error occurred while decoding OAEP padding.
    at VMware.Sim.ServiceCore.ActiveDirectory.AdUtil.ProcessAdException(Exception ex, AdConfigEntryDo adConfigDo, String containerDn, String computerAccountName, Int32 numOfRetries)
    at VMware.Sim.ServiceCore.ActiveDirectory.AdUtil.<>c__DisplayClass2.<ValidateAdConnection>b__1(Exception ex, Int32 numOfRetries)
    at VMware.Sim.ServiceCore.ActiveDirectory.AdUtil.RunWithRetry(AdOperationDelegate operation, ExceptionHandlingDelegate exHandling)
    at VMware.Sim.ServiceCore.SimServiceApiVal.AddDeploymentGroup(DeploymentGroup dg)
    at VMware.Sim.ServiceCore.SimServiceApiImpl.AddDeploymentGroup(DeploymentGroup dg)
Note: For more information on the location of the View log files, see Location of VMware View log files (1027744).


This issue occurs if the RSA key used to encrypt the domain user password is from a different machine. In View Manager 5.1, View Composer can be installed on a standalone machine and, therefore, may not exist in the same machine as it did in the previous version of View Manager.


To resolve this issue, reset the domain user password in the View Administrator console.
To reset the domain user password:
  1. Log in to the View Administrator console.
  2. Navigate to View Configuration > Servers.
  3. Click the vCenter Servers tab.
  4. Select your vCenter Server and click Edit
  5. In the vCenter Server tab, click Edit under View Composer Server Settings.
  6. Under Domains, click Verify Server Information.
  7. Select your domain and click Edit.
  8. Enter the password for the domain user and click OK.

    You are now able to deploy new pools successfully.

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09/09/2013 - Added Horizon View 5.2 to Product Versions. 25/06/2014 - Added Horizon View 5.3 to Product Versions.

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