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Backing up a VMware Data Protection (VDP) deduplication store (2034926)

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This article provides steps to successfully backup a VMware Data Protection (VDP) deduplication store.


  • VMware Data Protection does not have native tape backup support.
  • You must ensure that none of your backup jobs are scheduled at the same time as your backup window, where backup window is the time in which you are copying the VDP deduplication data (while the appliance is off) to another location.

To back up the deduplication stores:

  1. Log in to the VDP interface and verify there are no running tasks.
  2. Gracefully shut down the VDP appliance.
  3. Back up your deduplication store virtual disk(s) by copying the files.
  4. Check the integrity of the source and destination files to ensure that the files have been transferred successfully by comparing the MD5SUM. To compare:

    1. Open a console session to the ESX host that hosts the VDP appliance.
    2. Navigate to the home directory of the VDP appliance.
    3. Run the command MD5SUM against the second and, possibly, third disk.

      Note: The first disk is the operating system and, therefore, there is no need to run MD5SUM against the first disk.

  5. If the MD5 sum values match, proceed to step 6. If they do not match, transfer the files again.
  6. Power on the VDP appliance

Considerations when planning to automate the backup process

You may want to use vCenter Server to automate the shutdown and power on of the virtual machines. As the deduplication store increases in size, it takes more time to backup. Therefore, the backup window in which the VDP appliance is shut down must also be increased to allow the backup to complete. Proper care must be taken when deciding the backup window duration.

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