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Converting a virtual machine using vCenter Converter Standalone fails at 1% with the error: Convert: converter.fault.HelperVmFailedToObtainIpFault (2033203)

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  • Cannot convert a virtual machine using vCenter Converter Standalone
  • Converter task fails at 1%
  • In the Converter server logs, you see entries similar to:

    2012-06-27T18:39:46.366+08:00 [10500 info 'vmomi.soapStub[11]'] Resetting stub adapter for server PIPE:\\.\pipe\vmware-converter-worker-soap : Closed
    2012-06-27T18:46:22.840+08:00 [05496 error 'Default'] [task,350] [LRO] Unexpected Exception:  converter.fault.HelperVmFailedToObtainIpFault
    2012-06-27T18:46:22.841+08:00 [05496 info 'Default'] [task,379] [task-45] -- ERROR -- Convert: converter.fault.HelperVmFailedToObtainIpFault --> (converter.fault.HelperVmFailedToObtainIpFault) { -->    dynamicType = <unset>, -->    faultCause = (vmodl.MethodFault) null, -->    msg      =      "", --> }
    2012-06-27T18:46:22.841+08:00 [05496 info 'Default'] [diagnosticManager,267] Retrieved taskInfo for "converter.task.Task:task-45" mapping it to "converter.task.Task:task-45".
    2012-06-27T18:46:22.841+08:00 [05496 info 'Default'] [diagnosticManager,307] The task with id = "task-45" was found to be a "recent" task.
    2012-06-27T18:46:22.842+08:00 [05496 info 'Default'] [diagnosticManager,321] No existing log bundle found for task with id = "task-45". The task is still "recent" so a log bundle will now be generated for it.
    2012-06-27T18:46:22.842+08:00 [05496 info 'Default'] [diagnosticManager,790] Retrieving task related diagnostics for server task with id = "task-45".
    2012-06-27T18:46:22.854+08:00 [12280 info 'Default'] Run 0 of job "job-45" finished with an error. -- struct Converter::Server::Job::JobExecutor::SchedulerUpdateSpec __thiscall Converter::Server::Conversion::ConversionJobExecutorImpl::UpdateJob(class     Converter::Server::Job::InternalJob &,bool,const class Converter::Server::Scheduler::SchedulerItemStatistics &,const class Converter::Task::TaskInfo &) ("d:/build/ob/bora-470252/bora/sysimage/lib/converter/server/conversion/conversionJobExecutorImpl.cpp:405")  2012-06-27T18:46:22.865+08:00 [12280 info 'Default'] Suspended 1 scheduler items for job (job-45) -- void __thiscall Converter::Server::Job::JobProcessorImpl::SuspendJobAux(const class Converter::Server::Job::InternalJob &,class Converter::VdbConnection &) ("d:/build/ob/bora-470252/bora/sysimage/lib/converter/server/job/jobProcessorImpl.cpp:828")


This issue occurs if the Helper virtual machine is unable to get the IP address from the DHCP server.


To resolve this issue, before starting a conversion, provide the static IP address manually to the Helper virtual machine.
You can also use the DHCP option for the Helper virtual machine.

  • In the Conversion wizard, ensure to select the virtual machine portgroup when configuring the network card. This virtual machine portgroup must be connected to the physical network that is routable via port 22 (SSH) in both directions from the source Linux server's configured network IP address.
  • The IP address entered must be routable to the IP address of the physical Linux source machine. Helper virtual machine IP address should able to ping the physical machine.

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