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IP Customization fails during a failover or test failover of a recovery plan in vCenter Site Recovery Manager (2021083)


During a failover or test failover of a recovery plan in vCenter Site Recovery Manager (SRM), you experience these symptoms:
  • IP Customization fails for some or all virtual machines.
  • In the History tab under Recovery Plans, you see the error:

    Error - Cannot complete customization, possibly due to a scripting runtime error or invalid script parameters (Error code: -1). IP settings may have been partially applied.

  • In the vmware-dr.log log file on the SRM server, you see entries similar to:

    [00632 error 'Recovery' ctxID=27dcf3a7] [recovery-plan-3198.ipCust-protected-vm-3133-IPCustomization] Guest command on VM: [vim.VirtualMachine:vm-232] failed with exit code: 1
    [02956 trivia 'Recovery' ctxID=27dcf3a7]<msg>Cannot complete customization, possibly due to a scripting runtime error or invalid script parameters (Error code: 1). IP settings may have been partially applied.</msg>

  • The virtual machine is powered off and the network interface is set to disconnected.
  • The recovery plan or test recovery plan completes with errors.
Note: This issue occurs with both Windows and Linux virtual machines.



This issue occurs in Windows virtual machines if the default system variable for the %TEMP% or temporary folder within the guest operating system on the SRM server is changed from the default value and the new folder does not exist.

Note: The default folder specified in %TEMP% in Microsoft Windows is C:\windows\temp.

When you change the default value of %TEMP%, the guest operating system does not check if the folder exists. For example, if you change the default value of %TEMP% from C:\windows\temp to C:\temp, you do not see an error if C:\temp does not exist.

During Windows guest customization, SRM needs to write to the folder specified in %TEMP%. If this folder does not exist, guest customization fails.


This issue occurs in Linux virtual machines when the /tmp directory is mounted with the noexec option for security reasons.

During Linux guest customization, SRM needs to execute a file stored in /tmp. If this file cannot be executed, guest customization fails.



To resolve the issue in a Windows virtual machine:

Ensure that the new directory for %TEMP% exists and can be written to.

Note: The %TEMP% variable is case sensitive. If it is set to C:\Windows\TEMP, but the real path is C:\Windows\Temp, guest customization will fail.


To resolve the issue in a Linux virtual machine:

Allow files in the /tmp directory to be executed by removing the noexec option. This option can be removed by editing the /etc/fstab (as root) using 'vi' editor.

To work around this issue without changing the security options on the /tmp directory:

  1. In the Linux virtual machine, open the VMware Tools configuration file (/etc/init.d/vmware-tools) using a text editor.
  2. Add this line:

    export TMPDIR=/new/desired/path

    For example:

    export TMPDIR=/var/vmtmp

    In this example, a new tmp directory called vmtmp was created. SRM will use this temp directory when applying guest customization.

    Note: To specify an alternative temporary directory in RHEL7-based guests, add the following entry to the [Service] section of the systemd unit file for the service (usually in /usr/lib/systemd/system):


  3. Restart the VMware Tools service using this command:

    # /etc/init.d/vmware-tools restart

    This forces a reload of the VMware Tools configuration file.
Note: Any modification to the /etc/init.d/vmware-tools file will be reset to default when VMware Tools is upgraded.

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Update History

5/25/2016 - Updated a line under LINUX section. 5/25/2016 - Updated resolution section on how to create temp directory in RHEL7.

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