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My VMware folder structure after an account merge (2017609)

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This article provides information about how folder structure changes if two accounts are merged.
Note: If you are a Super User, Procurement Contact, or Administrator, you can file a Support Request to merge two accounts. You might want to merge accounts so you have a single account that contains all of your licenses. For more information on how to merge accounts, see My VMware account administration tasks that require VMware support (2006987).


Note: For the purposes of this article, 2 accounts are being merged: Account ABC and Account DEF. The resulting account after the merge is Account DEF.
This image shows the account structure before and after the merge: 
Post-merge Notes:
  • 1st level folders in ABC become 1st level folders in DEF. This preserves the Administrators in ABC who can only exist on 1st level folders. Folder names are prefixed with the account number of ABC. In this example, it is 123. Real account numbers have 9 digits.

  • The Home folder of ABC becomes a 1st level folder in DEF with the name of the account (ABC) prefixed with the account number (123_ABC).

  • The Super User and Procurement Contact of ABC (Tim, Tina) retain full access to all of the 1st level folders that came from ABC. Other Home folder users, such as Bob, from ABC would also retain their permission levels.

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