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Configuring CLI-only optional features in Socialcast On Premise (2013688)

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Some of the Socialcast On Premise features are available in the On Premise appliance, but are not enabled by default because they are classified as beta or optional, and are enabled only when explicitly activated. Others are items that can be disabled if required by policy.

These features include:
This article provides the command to enable these features in the production instance.


To enable these features for a production instance, run this command:

sudo su - socialcast -c "cd /var/www/socialcast && script/rails runner -e production 'Tenant.first.update_attribute(feature,true)'"

Where feature is:
  • :reach_enabled (enabled by default)
  • :external_contributor_enabled (enabled by default)
  • :oembed_beta (2-78-1 to 2-80-3)
  • :ideas_enabled (enabled by default)
  • :search_highlighting_beta
  • :admin_search_beta
  • :message_audit_beta
  • :data_purge_beta
  • :administer_private_groups_enabled
  • :administer_private_projects_enabled
  • :administer_all_town_halls_enabled
  • :profile_photo_moderation_enabled (enabled by default)
  • :attachments_disabled_beta (2-80-4 and later)
For example, to enable the Reach feature, run this command:

sudo su - socialcast -c "cd /var/www/socialcast && script/rails runner -e production 'Tenant.first.update_attribute(:reach_enabled,true)'"

To disable a feature, use false instead of true.

Warning: Enable the beta features only when directed by your account manager and/or VMware Support. Enabling such features may result in instability or application errors in your Socialcast installation. Beta features are identified by a trailing _beta string in the feature name.

Additional Information

This information applies to Socialcast On Premise 2-78-1 and later.

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