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Configuring backups for Socialcast On Premise (2008677)

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This article provides information about the Socialcast backup and restoration tool.


Configuring remote backups

To have the backups stored separately from the Socialcast drive, configure a remote backup location. 
  1. Go to https://<scmcdomain>:8003/backup_config/edit
  2. On Scheduled Backup Configuration panel, configure the remote backup location. The two options are:
    • Network File System Share (NFS)
    • Windows File System Share (CIFS or SMB)

You can only choose one remote backup location. For the remote configuration to work, you have to select Enable remote backup storage?. When you select this option, you must decide the number of backups that should be kept. When you have reached your limit the oldest backup is deleted to make room for the new one.

Network File System Share

If you use NFS, the appliance mounts the NFS server specified in this configuration section. Make sure to check with your NFS team to ensure that the Socialcast appliance has access to the NFS system. This may require having them whitelist the main configuration node’s IP address. The Backup Host is the hostname or IP address of the NFS share the Socialcast appliance will be connecting to. The Backup path is the location on the NFS share that the Socialcast backup will be stored.

Windows File System Share

You need to talk with your CIFS/SMB team to get credentials and a share allocated for Socialcast. It uses the connection information provided to mount a CIFS/SMB share onto the filesystem.

The Backup host is the hostname or IP address of the CIFS/SMB share the Socialcast appliance will be connecting to.

The Backup path is where on the CIFS/SMB share the Socialcast backup will be stored and should be in the syntax:

[share directory]/[sub directory]

The username and password should be provided by the CIFS/SMB team and is used for authentication with the CIFS/SMB system.

Creating a backup

After configuring your remote backup location, you can start creating backups.
  1. Go to https://<scmcdomain>:8003/backups.
  2. Click Create a backup now.
  3. When complete, you see a link to the backup under the Available Backups heading. Click this link to download the backup to your computer.

Backup encryption key

All Socialcast appliance backups are encrypted using aes-256-cbc encryption technology. This encryption requires a backup key that you can download. VMware recommends keeping a secure copy of that encryption key on hand in case of an emergency. Without the key, Socialcast cannot restore its backups. If that key is compromised, VMware recommends deleting all backups generated with that key.
To upload a new encryption key:
  1. Click the file chooser button under Upload backup encryption key.
  2. Select the new encryption key. 
  3. Click Upload.

Additional Information

For more information, see Storage size requirements for using the Backup and Restore feature in Socialcast On Premise (2052646).

Note: Mountable File System is no longer an available option in newer versions of Socialcast On Premise (2-60-x and later).

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