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Cannot detach a Persistent Disk in VMware View Manager 4.5 and later (2007076)

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  • Cannot detach a Persistent User Data Disk in VMware View Manager.
  • Cannot import a Persistent Disk from vCenter Server for a virtual machine that was deleted in View Administrator.
  • The Persistent disk is visible when the option to show incompatible files is selected.
  • Attempting to import the disk from vCenter Server fails with the error:

    This disk is already managed by View


This issue can occur if the ADAM database contains an invalid entry for the persistent disk.


To resolve this issue, you must change the data disk type from Primary to Detached in the ADAM database.

Warning: Before changing entries in the databases, disable provisioning for the pool in View Manager and take a complete backup of the ADAM and View Composer databases. For more information, see   Performing an end-to-end backup and restore for VMware View Manager 4.x (1008046)

To change the data disk type:

  1. In the View Administrator console, click Inventory > Persistent Disks > Attached.
  2. Select the Persistent Disk with the empty Desktop entry.
  3. Hover over the name of the Persistent disk. You can see the name of the vmdk file, for example, MachineName-vdm-user-disk-E-a22deab0-4e92-494c-baf0-56c323ce6660.vmdk.

    Note: If hovering over the disk name does not show you the vmdk file name, click the item and the file name is displayed in the details section.

  4. Record the first octet of the GUID, for example, a22deab0 .
  5. Connect to your View ADAM database.  For more information, see Connecting to the View ADAM Database (2012377).
  6. Right-click the ADAM connection and click New > Query.
  7. Type Disk Search in the Name field.
  8. Under Root of Search field, click Browse.
  9. Click Data Disks.
  10. Click OK.
  11. In the Query String field, type (pae-datadiskDatastorepath=*xxxxxxxx*), where xxxxxxxx is the value you recorded in Step 4. 

    Note: Include the (*) before and after the ID to represent wildcards.

  12. Click OK.
  13. Click Disk Search. In the right pane, you see a single entry matching the value from Step 3. If more results are displayed, edit the query, including more of the GUID.
  14. Double-click the result to open the Attribute Editor.
  15. Double-click the pae-DataDiskType attribute and change the value from PRIMARY to UNATTACHED.
  16. Click OK to exit the String Attribute Editor.
  17. Click OK to exit the Attribute Editor.
  18. Click Refresh in the View Administrator window. The disk is now removed from the Attached section and is visible in the Detached section. It can be managed as any other Detached Persistent Disk.


Warning: Before changing entries in either database, disable provisioning for the pool in View Manager and take a complete backup of the ADAM and View Composer databases. For more information, see Performing an end-to-end backup and restore for View Manager (1008046).


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Update History

09/24/2012 - Changed DETACHED to UNATTACHED in Step 15. 05/29/2013 - Added backup warning in Resolution section.

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