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Cloning a virtual machine fails with the error: Invalid configuration for device device_number (2006809)

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When performing a clone of a virtual machine or template in a virtual distributed switch (vDS) environment, you may experience one of these symptoms:
  • Cloning a virtual machine fails.
  • Cold or Hot cloning of a virtual machine fails.
  • Cloning a virtual machine from a template fails.
  • You may see messages similar to:

    [2011-02-23 08:22:45.892 04524 info 'App' opID=2f799c68] [VpxLRO] -- FINISH task-51268 -- vm-9803 -- vim.VirtualMachine.clone -- 54EBBA36-6F9E-4CC4-95DA-653577BD07DE(69DFA38B-CE50-4700-8425-D3BBABD01589)
    [2011-02-23 08:22:45.892 04524 info 'App' opID=2f799c68] [VpxLRO] -- ERROR task-51268 -- vm-9803 -- vim.VirtualMachine.clone: vim.fault.InvalidDeviceSpec:
    (vim.fault.InvalidDeviceSpec) {
       dynamicType = <unset>,
       faultCause = (vmodl.MethodFault) null,
       property = "virtualDeviceSpec.device.backing",
       deviceIndex = 4,
       msg = "Invalid configuration for device 'device_number'."


During the clone procedure, a vDS port requires a reservation. This issue occurs if the reservation expires too quickly.


This issue is resolved in:
To work around this issue when you are unable to upgrade:
  • Remove the virtual machine from the vDS portgroup and add it to a virtual machine portgroup on the Standard vSwitch.
  • Clone the virtual machine.
  • After the clone operation completes, revert the virtual machine to the vDS portgroup.

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Update History

12/15/2011 - Added workaround 03/06/2013 - Added resolution in vCenter Server 5.1

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