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P2V conversion of a Windows server fails at 1% (2006659)

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  • P2V conversion of a Windows server fails at 1%
  • You see the error:

    An error occurred during the conversion

  • In the converter-worker.log file, you see similar entries related to bad blocks:

    2012-03-07T13:35:00.461-06:00 [07376 error 'task-4'] BlockLevelVolumeCloneMgr::ReadAndSkipBadBlocks(): Error (type: 2, code: 2) reading 110592 bytes starting at 0x000000018b0dc000 from the source volume E:
    2012-03-07T13:35:00.461-06:00 [07376 error 'task-4'] BlockLevelVolumeCloneMgr::ReadAndSkipBadBlocks(): Unrecoverable error (type: 2, code: 2) reading 110592 bytes starting from 0x000000018b0dc000 from the source volume E:
    2012-03-07T13:35:00.461-06:00 [07376 error 'task-4'] BlockLevelVolumeCloneMgr::CloneVolume: failed with exception converter.fault.FileIOFault

  • In the converter agent logs, you see entries similar to:

    [#2] [2011-09-11 23:30:57.681 03680 info 'task-1'] BlockLevelVolumeCloneMgr::InitCloningPassType: not an incremental clone, and we are not tracking changes for the next iteration, so this must be a standard full clone.
    [#2] [2011-09-11 23:30:57.681 03680 info 'task-1'] BlockLevelVolumeCloneMgr::CloneVolume: cloning volume with ID \WindowsBitmapDriverVolumeId=[44-4D-49-4F-3A-49-44-3A-CC-58-E6-A1-BD-F2-D7-11-9E-F6-80-6E-6F-6E-69-63]
    [#2] [2011-09-11 23:30:57.681 03680 info 'task-1'] BlockLevelVolumeCloneMgr::CloneVolume: Source volume is mounted under the name\\.\GLOBALROOT\Device\HarddiskVolumeShadowCopy1\
    [#2] [2011-09-11 23:30:57.681 03680 error 'task-1'] [LiveDeviceReaderWriter] CreateFile(\\.\GLOBALROOT\Device\HarddiskVolumeShadowCopy1
    ) failed with error code 2
    [#2] [2011-09-11 23:30:57.681 03680 error 'task-1'] SingleVolumeCloneTask::DoRun: Volume cloning failed with error converter.fault.FileIOFault
  • In the Event Viewer of the source physical machine, you see events similar to:

    Event ID: 14
    Source: VolSnap
    Type: Error
    Description The shadow copies of volume <volume> were aborted because of an IO failure on volume <volume>.

    Event ID: 35
    Source: dmio
    Type: Warning
    Description dmio: Disk Harddisk 1 block 32391 (mountpoint <drive letter>:); Uncorrectable read error


This issue may occur if the hard disk contains hard bad blocks that cannot be fixed using the chkdsk command or if the disks need a defragmentation.


To resolve this issue:
  • Analyze and defragment the physical hard disk using Disk Defragmenter.
  • If the hard disk has hard bad blocks, contact the hardware vendor of the physical server for further assistance.


p2v-conversion-fails  p2v-conversion-fails-at-1%

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