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Performing a switchover or failover in a WAN results in a 104 exit code (2004370)

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  • When performing a switchover/failover in a WAN environment, the switchover/failover completes and exit code 104 displays.

  • f you use the -d flag with the DNSConftool.exe, you see the message:

    GetNSRecords(DnsQuery) on dc_name failed with 1460 - This operation returned because the timeout period expired


After performing a switchover/failover the DNSConftool.exe attempts to update DNS servers with the new IP address of the active server. To do this, DNSConftool.exe must contact all registered name servers. Exit code 104 indicates that DNSConftool.exe was unable to contact the registered name servers.


To resolve this issue, edit the command for the DNSConftool.exe in the vCenter Server Heartbeat Console to specify all name servers that must be updated.
To edit the DNSConftool.exe command in the vCenter Server Heartbeat Console:
  1. Launch the vCenter Server Heartbeat Console.
  2. Navigate to Applications: Tasks.
  3. Select the DNSUpdate (Primary) task.
  4. Click Edit.
  5. Edit the Command field to add the -ns flag and name server IP addresses to the command. For example:

    "C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware vCenter Server Heartbeat\R2\Bin\dnsconftool.exe" -auto -raw "-ns name_server_#1_ipaddress" -raw "-ns name_server_#2_ipaddress"-raw "-ns name_server_#3_ipaddress"

    Note: Include all name server IP addresses in the command.

  6. Click OK.
  7. Repeat Steps 1-6 for the DNSUpdate (Secondary) task.

For more information, seeUsing vCenter Server Heartbeat DNSConfTool.exe (2048790).

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