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Enabling concurrent licenses in VMware Service Manager 9.0 (2003934)

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This article provides steps to enable a concurrent license for an officer to prevent the maximum number of named licenses from being used.


To enable concurrent licenses for an officer:
  1. Log in to VMware Service Manager 9.0.
  2. Click Search > People.
  3. Search for the officer by their first or last name.
  4. Select the officer in the results and open their record.
  5. Select Concurrent
  6. Click OK.
  7. If necessary, repeat steps 1-6 for other officers.
To determine how many concurrent and named licenses are being used, go to Admin > System > Your Organization.
To determine how many concurrent users people are logged in at one time, go to Admin > Security > Login Control.

Additional Information

Concurrent licenses are user licenses that may be used by any officer, limited to the number of licenses purchased. These licenses provide flexibility and allow for maximum usage of licences. However, as licenses are not linked to particular officers, there is no way to guarantee that a particular individual or group of individuals will have access to the system. They also cost more than names licenses.
Named licenses are linked to specific named users. These licenses can access the system at any time, they cost less then concurrent licenses, and allow for auditing as they are linked to particular officers. However, they offer less flexibility as they cannot be shared.

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