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Creating or provisioning a VMware View desktop pool fails with the error: View Composer Fault: VMware.Sim.Fault.VcDatastoreInaccessibleFault (2001736)

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  • You cannot create or provision a VMware View pool.
  • Creating a VMware View pool fails.
  • Provisioning View desktops in a pool fails.
  • You see this error:

    View Composer Fault: VMware.Sim.Fault.VcDatastoreInaccessibleFault


This issue occurs when one or more of the hosts in the cluster do not have access to a datastore required by the pool.

You may also encounter this issue if one of the hosts is shut down or is in maintenance mode.

Note: If one of the hosts is in maintenance mode, it needs to be removed from the cluster.


Prior to performing the resolution steps, if there are any hosts in maintenance mode, remove them from maintenance mode or remove them from the View cluster.

To resolve this issue, ensure that the hosts have access to the datastores required by the pool. In vCenter Server, right-click the Datacenter and select Rescan for Datastores...

To verify if the hosts have access to the datastores required by the pool:
  1. In View Manager, select Inventory and click the pool name.
  2. Click the Pool Settings tab.
  3. Under the vCenter Server section, make note of:

    • The host or cluster configured for the pool
    • The list of datastores configured for the pool

  4. Go to the vSphere Client for all ESX hosts in the cluster.
  5. Select a host in the cluster.
  6. Click the Configuration tab.
  7. In Hardware, click Storage. All datastores configured for the Pool should be visible on this ESX host.
  8. Ensure that all ESX hosts can access the datastores noted in step 3.
  9. For any missing datastores, configure the storage to make the datastore visible to the host.

Note: Ensure you check if provisioning is disabled on the pool.

To verify if provisioning is disabled:
  1. Navigate to the pool in the Connection Server administrator interface.
  2. Click the pool and click Edit.
  3. Click the Provisioning Settings tab.
  4. Ensure that the Enable Provisioning option is selected.
  5. Click OK.

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Update History

08/07/2012 - Updated cause to mention this issue can occur if host is shutdown 09/20/2012 - Added 5.0.x and 5.1.x to Product Versions 09/26/2012 - Added if host in maintenance mode it needs to be removed from cluster 10/01/2012 - Added to rescan datastores in VC

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