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VirtualCenter Server Crashes with Panic (1783)

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My VirtualCenter server crashes with the following panic:
PANIC: ASSERT F(5296):130 bugNr=41550

Why is this happening?


The reason for the crash is that the number of disks for the host stats metadata increases beyond the limit since the VirtualCenter server does not take in to account multipathing and controller failover.

Use the following workaround:

  1. Find out which host causes the panic. Run this SQL query:
    select count(*), V.HOSTNAME from STATS_HOST_ROWS S,VPX_HOST V
    where S.HOST_ID is the V.HOST_ID group by V.HOSTNAME.
    The host whose count is 1034 causes the panic.
  2. Remove the identified host, then re-add it to VirtualCenter.

Caution: This procedure deletes all the performance statistic history of that host.

To fix the problem permanently, you must upgrade to VirtualCenter 1.3.

The number of muliple paths per LUN parameter is configurable in this version of VirtualCenter. The default value is 4. To change this value, add or edit the stats.lun.nummultiplepath parameter in the VirtualCenter server's config.ini file.

To correct this, upgrade to VirtualCenter 1.3 or later.

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